Prismatic Saturation brings color to E.H. Butler Library


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Emily Beresford’s Prismatic Saturation exhibition will be on display from Nov. 13- Nov. 23 in Butler Library.

Annaliza Guard, Staff Writer

Students can expect to see a lot of color and pattern in the upcoming art exhibition, Prismatic Saturation.


The exhibit will feature textile works created by senior fibers major Emily Beresford. There will be a mix of dyed and woven pieces varying from small textiles to large wall hangings.


“This exhibition is about taking ancient techniques and using modern inspiration to create visually pleasing works of art,” Beresford said.


Beresford believes that many people do not know what the fibers program is and she hopes that through her exhibition, students will take interest in it.  She sees that the program is dwindling, but that only makes her passion stronger.


In a world that is so focused on technology, she hopes to create a unique exhibition for students that will bring them back to the roots of their culture.


“I knew that my way to express this would be through color,” Beresford said. “I also used patterns to express emotions we feel every day.”


Beresford started as a fashion major at SUNY Buffalo State and took the Fibers I course as part of the curriculum.


“I completely fell in love with the process,” she said.


She no longer wanted to use fabric to create things —she wanted to create fabric. The following semester she switched her major.


Students can view the exhibition in the Circulation Gallery of the E.H. Butler Library from Nov. 13 through Nov. 23, open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily.



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