Winter needs to stop getting the cold shoulder

Emily Niman, Staff Writer

The recent drop in temperature serves as a nippy reminder that winter is coming.

I am sure that most of you read those words and cringed, thinking about the frigid, snow-filled days that the future holds. Where some see winter as a curse, I, however, see it as a blessing in disguise.

Don’t get me wrong—I would rather walk to class on a warm, sunny day, than trek through feet of snow on a cold, dreary day. Yet, this negative aspect is far outweighed by all of the positive aspects of winter.

The first thing that makes winter so great is the most prevalent one —the snow. As the snow falls and blankets the ground in a layer of sparkly white powder, it transforms the most unappealing landscapes into a winter wonderland. It hides all of the imperfections and, for a short while, gives the environment a sense of flawlessness.

With the snow come winter activities. After the first snowfall, Buffalo becomes a giant, outdoor amusement park. Ordinary places become fun-generating destinations.

A neighborhood hill now becomes an adrenaline inducing sledding hill.

Streets become a battleground for snowball fights.

Lawns become an art gallery for snowmen and sculptures.

Wooded areas that were previously inaccessible become snow-shoe trails, allowing adventurers to use the snow to access areas and discover new wonders and sights.

There are plenty of enjoyable winter activities, but my favorite winter activity is downhill skiing. I count down the days until I can get back on the slopes. I find myself excited when the weatherman calls for a snowstorm. To me, skiing is better than going to an amusement park. You get to spend your day testing your limits and facing your fears as you glide down a steep hill. Downhill skiing gives me an exhilarating feeling that has yet to be matched by any other activity.

Another winter pleasure is to go inside after spending your day outside in the snow. Winter makes you appreciate your house even more. It is comforting to come home to a nice, toasty house and be able to change into warm clothes. Nothing beats bundling up on your couch with a hot chocolate.

Speaking of warmth, for those of you with significant others—winter is perfect for cuddling. Because the weather outside is so “frightful,” you can spend your days cuddled next to your significant other. You can watch movies and eat cookies and feel guilt-free about not venturing outside.

Winter also marks the beginning of the holiday season. Soon the semester will be over. You can relax and unwind, without having to worry about school. Houses will be decorated, holiday music will be playing, and gifts will be given. It warms my heart to think about spending time with my family.

Winter has a bad reputation. It is a marvelous time of year. Instead of fearing winter, embrace it. Throw on your comfiest sweater, a pair of fuzzy socks, get a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy the season.

Next time the weatherman calls for a snowstorm, I, for one, will be singing “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”

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