Cold-weather clothing: function over fashion

Olivia Smith, Reporter

It’s the fall season, which, for a lot of people, is all about the clothing trends. You can probably already tell just from walking around Buffalo State that the style is quite different from other seasons.

From the green army jacket style coats, flannel shirts, leggings, jeans, the many different boot styles, scarves and now-emerging hats, the brisk weather has a wide variety when it comes to clothing.

The majority of us are most likely victim to owning some of this clothing. But with the cold Buffalo weather coming up, people are going to have to brace themselves for the harsh weather, and take on more practical clothing choices.

For some students, this may be their first Buffalo winter. Take this as warning: it’s going to get pretty cold.

Elle magazine recently came out with their “Complete Fall 2015 Trend Guide.” Currently trending are what are called “lady loafers,” which appear to be a stacked kitten heel. Stomp boots for snow, furry shoes, furry cuffs on coats and over-the-top furry and jeweled gloves are also trending to name a few.

Also, according to Elle magazine, hiding arms inside a coat is the “chicest thing to do, making arms appear longer in the most striking way.”

Though the average person would not follow many of these trends, people still need to think practically with their clothing choices in the winter.

How smart is it to leave your house or dorm wearing furry boots or shoes? Once the snow comes, they will surely be ruined. One might argue that waterproof treatment can be used, but there are better options out there.

In some situations, it may be smarter to purchase the hefty winter boots, such as Sorel, Merrell, The North Face, Colombia, Timberland, and many more. When compared to fashionable boots, the price is around the same.

The same goes for other clothing. With just a sweater and scarf, are we really warm when walking around Buffalo State’s windy campus? Do ripped jeans actually keep legs warm? Do light gloves keep hands from going numb?

Even when walking between buildings for just a few minutes to change classes, the cold weather can still affect you.

Some of us can benefit from finding clothing that is fashionable and practical, which may be the best-case scenario.

However, be sure to keep in mind the best and most practical choices for clothing. Wear what’s going to keep you warm and safe when the weather changes. It beats suffering when outside.

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