New opportunity to explore China in spring semester course

New opportunity to explore China in spring semester course

Chance Morrow, Reporter

Registration for the upcoming semester is right around the corner, which means that it’s time to figure out what courses you still need to take for your degree here at SUNY Buffalo State.

Why not take a new course that offers its students the chance to travel to China?

Geography of China, GEG 360, is a course being taught by Dr. Tao Tang during the spring semester of 2016. It will fulfill the Non-Western Civilizations Intellectual Foundations requirement for all majors, and is also a basic requirement for Asian Study minors.

The course itself is designed for students of any major, from Public Communication to Anthropology. Enrolled students are asked to create a research project that relates to their major in some way during the semester.

The project will reflect aspects of both what you have learned in the Geography of China course and will also have a connection to the student’s major.

However, what makes this project unique is that the field-work will be carried out in China during the summer directly following the spring semester. During the two week trip, students will have the opportunity to visit the Great Wall of China, travel along the Silk Road to a province in Central China known as Xi’an, study the Terracotta Army, and visit the Taklamakan Desert; the second largest sandy desert in the world.

Students will get to visit these breath-taking landmarks all while ingesting the culture, art, cuisine, and unique geography that China has to offer.

Of course, this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity won’t be free. The cost for the international trip is $3,320 and will cover round-trip airfare, hotel accommodations, activity fees, and other basic costs not including food and personal purchases.

Don’t worry if you aren’t fluent in Chinese, knowledge of the language is not necessary as there will be translators throughout the trip to assist in any language barriers.

There are only fifteen seats available in the course, so be sure to contact class instructor, Dr. Tang, with any questions before the registration period begins. Don’t fill your spring semester with another generic elective, enroll in GEG 360 and experience China firsthand in an unforgettable chance of a lifetime.

Dr. Tang can be contacted at [email protected], (716) 878-4138, or at his office in the Classroom Building A210.


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