Trump could actually be the answer America is looking for

Edwin J. Viera, Columnist

In recent months, the 2016 Presidential Campaign has become quite a mess for the Democrats and the Republicans. On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton’s email scandal finally caught up to her and she was found committing the same crime. On the Republican side, they have to worry about whatever Donald Trump says.

Either way the presidential campaign has become somewhat of a battlefield.

Donald Trump is a man who’s built his career on real estate and on the reality television show, The Apprentice. Now, he wants to be the next President of the United States, and so far he seems to be losing his popularity among the people, while the polls say otherwise. He has been in the lead for a few months, but he gained the lead only a month after he officially began to campaign for the presidency.

Much of the conversation has relayed back to a press conference in which he stated that he would like to build a wall at the U.S. and Mexico border. This statement alone completely annihilated his ethos in any way, but is he completely a bad guy?

Sure, he may have some character, as well as idea flaws, but does that make him a complete villain in this game of “Who Wants to Be the Next President?”

I couldn’t help but wonder. Is Donald Trump made to be the President, or is he just a political tycoon?

As a little boy, I remember lying next to my mother on the couch, and the television would be on The Apprentice, and I would always say the line that made the show famous, “You’re fired.” Could he really be our next President?

One main reason he could came to me in the form of a phone call from my Dad, who said, “He can finance his own campaign.”

The idea makes sense, due to something in American politics known as the spoils system. The spoils system was when people running for an office (governor, senator, president, etc.) would give jobs to the people who heavily financed their campaigns, even if they were under-qualified.

In Trump’s case he finances his own campaign, which for a multi-billionaire, isn’t that hard to do. After this fact, the trail as to why he could be our next President went cold— so, I decided to trek into Republican territory and look at his website,, and what I read was astonishing.

For his tax plans, he has democratic views, but when it comes to immigration, he seems like a complete Republican, and when it comes to his Second Amendment plans, he goes both ways.

Could it be that rather than hated, he’s simply misunderstood?

When it comes to the financial turmoil of this country, it’s hard to say if he is the right man for the job. Sure, it will take longer than his presidency to get rid of the compiling $18 trillion debt, but he does have a plan to lower the debt and bring in jobs to this country. Since he is a major tycoon, he understands that corporate inversions, re-incorporating a company overseas in order to reduce the tax burden on income earned abroad, are destroying America’s global economy.

Then, I got to thinking about American economics, or as they may be called, “Trumponomics.” He has filed for bankruptcy 4 times. He wasn’t completely broke, but rather needed to restructure his debts, otherwise known as chapter 11 bankruptcy. In 1991, 1992, 2004, and 2009 he filed for chapter 11 bankruptcies so he could restructure the debt he accumulated. Now, he’s worth over a billion dollars; I guess he knows more than he leads on.
Overall, Trump presents himself as a Republican, but has some ideals that show he can think like a Democrat. He seems to be able to do the job, and knows the country’s current issues well enough to debate them with his fellow candidates.

Donald Trump has all the potential to be the next president, and apparently, he may have the votes, too.

Donald J. Trump has a great deal of experience with politics, but many people won’t allow him to go farther than the GOP primaries because of his ideas on immigration. They are the main reason that people won’t vote for him.

Since America is a country built upon immigration, we’ve reached a crucial turning point in our history where if you say the wrong thing on immigration, that will cost you more than ever.

Who knows? Maybe Trump will change what he has to say; but then again, he may not have to. Trump has the votes, and the money, to become the next president; now if only he could do something about that “floppy” hair of his.