My College Kitchen with Lazarus Lynch

Olivia Smith, Reporter

As a senior in college, most students have not been featured on The Cooking Channel and are now passing on their passion through an upcoming YouTube series.

SUNY Buffalo State senior communications major Lazarus Lynch has done all of this.

Lynch had a desire for cooking at a young age. He went to Food and Finance High School in New York City. He started out in dietetics and nutrition, where he was exposed to all the different compositions of food, beyond just the flavor. He sought to differentiate himself, and came to Buffalo State as a communications major with a concentration in social media communication.

New to Buffalo State starting October 7 is the YouTube premiere of My College Kitchen, a series put together by Lynch and his team members. The show brings a fun and easy atmosphere to what many would consider the challenge of cooking for themself in college.

Lynch began his own brand, Son of Southern Chef, to distinguish himself from others in the industry. He uses basic ingredients, provides quick and easy recipes while on a budget, and overall creates delicious food.

Featured October 7 is a breakfast piece called Breakfast Cookery. Lynch and cohost Sanam Sheth will teach viewers how to make a chai donut with just five ingredients from start to finish, make overnight oats with three different toppings, and put a twist on basic ramen noodles, with a fried egg, bacon, scallion, sesame seeds, and cilantro.

Lynch has experience from working for The Food Network at age sixteen as an intern. His job was in the kitchen —setting up, testing his own recipes, and cross testing, by testing others’ recipes. He has worked with famous chefs such as Bobby Flay and Rachel Ray. His exposure to communication came through this different view of the food industry. He learned about the appealing image of food, as well as the importance of taste.

However, Lynch’s biggest inspiration is his father, Johnny Ray Lynch, who passed away in January. Johnny Ray Lynch was a professional chef and owned a restaurant called Baby Sister’s Soul Food. Without having a father in the restaurant business, Lynch would have never found his love for cooking.

“My recipes are always reminiscent of my father,” Lynch said. “When I cook it feels like home, no matter where I am, in Queens or Buffalo, it channels his presence.”

Lynch is also grateful for his various team members, who all help put together the upcoming YouTube series. The co-host of the show and Buffalo State public communication and political science dual major, Sanam Sheth, adds a fun personality to the show. She is also featured solo on the show, where she provides a great alternative for viewers.

“What I bring to the show that I feel is different is the fact that I like to make vegetarian recipes, which I realized not a lot of people focus on,” Sheth said.

Van Dinh is in control of visual content, audio, and formatting. He loves the challenge of putting together the YouTube series.

Working alongside Dinh is Head Audio and Assistant Manager Robin Lazzara. She edits and uploads the footage for the series, adds music, and other types of audio. As part of the Television and Film Arts Program as a freshman, Lazzara plays an important role in the production and post-production.

“This has been an awesome experience and I can’t wait for everyone to see it,” Lazarra said.

Nick Palumbo is in charge of audio, props, and the continuity assistant. He stresses the importance of continuity and making the scene look exactly the same, even when shot on different days. Palumbo also sets up the background scene, making it visually appealing.

“The show is so different, because there are a lot of YouTube shows out there, but this one really targets the audience,” Palumbo said.

Also involved behind the scenes of My College Kitchen are Maria Damasiewicz and Thomas Barlette. Damasiewicz is in charge of nutrition and wellness and Barlette is the team’s graphic designer.

All members of My College Kitchen are excited for the release of their YouTube Series. Lynch is especially thankful for his team.

“I could not do it without them,” Lynch said.

He expresses great gratitude toward the many people and departments that have helped make this possible. Lynch continues to cook in memory of his greatest mentor, his father.

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