‘The Hunt’ is coming to campus next week

Annaliza Guard, Staff Writer

The Hunt is coming to SUNY Buffalo State.

Much anticipation is being built up over “The Hunt.” Banners across campus display “The Hunt is Coming,” with links to download a mysterious app.

“The Hunt” is a new activity this year. It is to build up the excitement for homecoming. It’s going to be different than any other homecoming activity before, and it is designed to interest commuters as well.

It will be like a scavenger hunt with different missions, like, “snap a selfie at this location,” each mission having a different point value. It is a three day game, starting October 1 and ending on October 3. Students must complete as many missions as possible in the available time.

Students can “prep” for the hunt by downloading the app. Rules and information are on the homecoming website (homecoming.buffalostate.edu/goosechase).

There will be a leaderboard, tracking the players that complete the most missions after the game goes live at six in the morning.

There will also be prizes, which are listed on the website, including Moe’s gift cards, selfie sticks, and more.

“It’s a fun strategy game,” Andrew Chambers, library information management officer, said.

Chambers said there was a small-scale version of the hunt done last year at the library, and everyone who attended “loved it.”

Some of the missions will be a way of giving back to the community, that support Buffalo State as well. This may mean visiting a local restaurant and snapping your meal!

The anticipation for this year’s hunt is high.

“A lot of students already enrolled,” Chambers said.

Are you ready?

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