Delaware Park truly is paradise in our backyard

Emily Niman, Reporter

I am here to offer you a lifeline in the sea of stress – Delaware Park.

Being stressed is draining both physically and emotionally. Taking time out of your day to clear your mind is crucial to your well-being and mental health. Without a break, you can quickly get overwhelmed and lose focus. This is why it is important to balance your busy schedules with time to relax.

Delaware Park, located behind the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, is the perfect place for a break. “The Park” designed by Frederick Law Olmsted is just steps away from campus and is filled with fun ways to unwind. You can admire the rose garden, play games in the fields, take a stroll by the water, ride your bike along the paths, hang out with your friends, and so much more.

My favorite thing to do is walk through the park, grab a smoothie at the stand, then sit on a bench and read while I enjoy my surroundings. It is nice to not focus on school for a short while.

On days that are really stressful, I go for a run around the park. Something about the fresh air and being able to see the slow movement of nature puts my life in perspective and my mind at ease. The trees will still be there, on good days and on bad —so no matter the amount of stress, I find comfort in knowing that nature is oblivious to my problems.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself, “I literally have no time,” I can reassure you that where there is a will, there is a way. Instead of eating your lunches in The Union, you could eat them in the park. Instead of doing your homework and readings in the library, you can study at the park. Instead of staying in your room and watching Netflix, you can walk to the park.

For those of you that have financial stress— don’t fear, Delaware Park is here. It costs nothing! You can take your friends or significant other to the park instead of breaking the bank to hang out.

No matter what time you go to the park there’s always something going on. Delaware Park hosts a wide array of community events and festivals. In early September the park hosted the “Music Is Art” festival, which featured The Goo-Goo Dolls. You can also observe unofficial events at the park such as the hundreds of wedding parties that go there to take pictures.

Delaware Park is a great place to have so close to Buffalo State. It adds to your college experience while allowing you to relax and enjoy life.

Next time you are bored and want something to do, go to Delaware Park. You won’t regret it.

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