UPD Chief Carey addresses students during USG meeting

Franklin Hagler , Reporter

SUNY Buffalo State’s United Students Government meeting had an interesting guest this past week as University Police Chief Peter Carey joined to speak about the recent criminal activity on campus.

The recent crimes on campus have caused major concerns from top to bottom. Increased patrol and many sanctions have been authorized, including a hold on visitor privileges. Students were able to address Carey directly about their many concerns at Tuesday’s meeting.

“First, is that it is unusual for us to have three incidents of this nature at the beginning of school.” This was the opening statement made by Carey, followed by taking over thirty minutes of questions from students.

This was one of the first opportunities some students have had to address their frustrations and safety concerns to UPD. They were also able to discuss what the next steps are to solve, and get past, the current issues.

“We are looking for the increased awareness and participation from our resident students and the entire campus community to help us to make it safe,” Carey said.

UPD’s staffing became a major topic of discussion during the meeting, with students asking if there are enough officers to protect students. UPD employs 33 sworn personnel, which includes 25 total officers, four lieutenants, two investigators, the police chief and the assistant police chief.

Each shift has 10 sworn personnel on duty, but three to five patrol officers on a shift at one time. Carey does not believe they are understaffed despite there being 11 residence halls, stating, “I do believe we are well staffed. It’s trying to have the correct balance without interrupting your life, we do not want to make this a prison.”

This did bring about the question of whether Buffalo State needs a UPD officer sitting in every hall, or if UPD can use other mechanisms or personnel.

Students do play a part in this by propping doors open with rocks for friends, or even letting unfamiliar faces in behind them just because they are being courteous, one senate member stated.

There will be another opportunity for students to voice those concerns at a town hall meeting that will be taking place sometime this week. President Katherine Conway-Turner and other administration will be in attendance to take questions. A time and date has yet to be announced. USG will keep everyone posted when that information becomes available.

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