Theater department announces “toe-tapping” show lineup for 2015-16

Annaliza Guard, Staff Writer

The theater department has announced their lineup for this year and the list is diverse, featuring shows that might interest everybody.

While theater may seem boring to some, each show at SUNY Buffalo State is selected with students in mind. This means that they are not your usual, stuffy Shakespearean drama.

“It’s not just for old people,” Theater Department Chair Ann Emo said.

The lineup features shows from all different genres such as comedy, musical, and drama.

The first show, set for October, is called “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” It is set in ancient Rome and is about a slave, Pseudolus, that tries to gain his freedom by helping his master win over the girl next door. It is full of humor, door slamming, cases of mistaken identities, and music.

“You’ll be able to leave tapping your toe,” Emo said.

The show that is set for November is called “The Motherf**ker with the Hat.” This is different from the first show. It is a humorous take on sex, drug addiction, and the bro code. It starts off with Jackie, who just gets out of jail and comes home to find another man’s hat at his girlfriend’s house. One could only imagine how the storyline progresses from there.

In the spring, students can view “Noises Off,” set for March. It’s a play within a play, where the audience gets a view of what happens behind the scenes. Everything about it is completely dysfunctional, filled with slapstick, drama, and even more door slamming.

Finally, in April there will be a production that is a little different. It is called, “Rap: Dance and Spoken Word.” If the other shows aren’t of interest, this show might be worth checking out for the students who aren’t into plays as much as they are music.

“A lot will relate,” Emo said.

Theater productions can make a good date night, or just something to do on the weekend. Above all, it’s right here on campus and it’s affordable.

“It’s cheaper than Starbucks,” Emo said.

It’s also a good way to show support to fellow students. There is always a good turnout for the theater shows.

The last two shows will be holding auditions in October and sign-up sheets will be on the bulletin board in the Donald Savage Theater building. Emo encourages students who are interested to get involved.

“There’s a lot of work going into making it look effortless,” Emo said.

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