Shaking the stigma of being an art major

Gabriani Bertrand , Reporter

To pursue a successful career in any form of art is considered, to put it simply, a waste of time. Yet, art is greatly appreciated by society. Why else would tourists from various countries fill up New York City’s Museums?

Is art no longer a valid form of creativity that conveys emotion, reflects a culture, and makes you think? This cannot be the end of a talent that affects all those who feel.

Usually when someone “confesses” his or her “deadly” desire to become an artist, a crime has been committed. Put that pencil and paper down right now, you non-complier of “social expectations.” Open up a textbook and learn a viable trade. Great Scott, you’re at it again!

Okay, that’s it! Get into the back of the cop car. I sentence you to four to six years of completing an acceptable major. That’s right: law, engineering, medicine, or business.

The artist is then put into a metaphorical prison made of social conventions, only able to escape by unleashing his or her inner imagination in privacy, never to share this part of them, or otherwise be scrutinized.

Corny dramatics aside, let us answer some of these questions. As individuals, we look at a painting and decide if it is good or not. From there we infer if a work mesmerizes us, therefore needing to be shared to all those around the world.

Is it the nit-picking belief residing at the bottom of our stomachs? The ugliness that tells us we are not enough, that we are not of value, makes us judge others. Hence, making all pursuing artists not “good” enough for their art placed in a museum, to be viewed for all its glory.

Art has never been about whether it is good or not. It has always been about a feeling greater than ourselves. Do not take that away from someone.

The fluidity, motion, and contortion of an idea that comes from one’s head, replicated into any media is the most precious human capability. That is why the world has its pyramids, Greek statutes, roads, and fashion. It all came from an idea.

Any art major will create more ideas, which will help shape culture and add onto other studies. In fact, you do not have to be talented or study art in order to create it. This is why becoming an art major should be widely encouraged. It has infinite possibilities.

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