Dorm overcrowding continues to be a problem


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An increase in admissions of high school graduates from west of Buffalo State is causing more dorm overcrowding.

Najee Walker, Associate News Editor

SUNY Buffalo State has once again taken in a great number of students. Just like at the start of the 2014-15 semester, where Buffalo State saw a record-high admission of more than 1,800 students, once again the college finds itself placing students in living conditions other than those on the Buffalo State campus itself.

Students attending Buffalo State with a housing and meal plan may be placed at Canisius College and Medaille College this fall.

The overcrowding and inability to house all students comes in part due to renevations being done on a few buildings. Yet, according to Vice President of Student Affairs Hal Payne, there is more to it than just that.

“We are seeing a lot more downstate graduates,” Payne said.

New York City graduates, as well as graduates from Syracuse and other New York cities are coming to Buffalo State and being accepted at a very high rate, which causes an upset for housing. With so many students moving west to Buffalo State, there are only so many rooms for students.

More than 250 students will be housed between Canisius and Medaille.

“There’s a trend in general for even upper-class students to want to stay on campus,” President Katherine S. Conway-Turner told to The Buffalo News.

To combat the time it may take for a student to reach the Buffalo State campus from either of these other campuses, Buffalo State will have a shuttle. The shuttle — which already traveled from Canisius to Buffalo State — will now include Medaille in its route. Payne worries only for the time it may take students to arrive on campus, hoping that everything will run smoothly.

This is not the first time that Buffalo State has had to rely on other housing options for their students.

During 2009, Buffalo State students were placed at the Adam’s Mark Hotel and did not have travel accomodations. During the 2014-15 year, students were placed in Canisius dorms. The deal with Canisius last year reported as “working very well” by The Buffalo News.

“This is a great example of how colleges can work together to answer student need and enhance the learning experience,” Ken M. Macur, president of Medaille, told The Buffalo News. “This agreement is certainly a win-win for both colleges and underscores the necessity of open-minded thinking in creating new opportunities for every college. More importantly, partnerships such as this help create the best possible education for our students.”

The good news, Payne shares, is that the dorms are not much different or any less better than those at Buffalo State. Instead of sharing a bathroom with an entire floor, the dorms on Medaille’s campus allows one bathroom to every two rooms. Meaning that rooms that are next to each other share a bathroom. A maximum of four people for every bathroom.

Though the issue of overcrowding may not be frequent, Buffalo State may still be struggling with placement of students. Buffalo State has been working on another new housing complex, with hopes to open by next year. The housing project hopes to house at least 300 more Buffalo State students.

Officials from Canisius and Medaille did not return calls from The Record.

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