Car shopping: a drawn-out process with a rewarding end

Anthony Reyes, Opinion Editor

The first Saturday in September of the year 2015, at the age of 22, I made one of the biggest decisions of my life; I decided I was going to buy a brand new car.

My dad and I spent almost two full days at car dealerships, both of us looking for a new vehicle. Each location had its ups and downs when it came to the vehicles and the deals. Until, on a Friday morning, we stepped into West Herr Jeep.

Paul met us in the lot, we explained to him what we were looking for and where we had already been. He did his best to scan the lot to point out the vehicles that would interest us the most. We examined them, first by color, then the wheels, then the interior, then what the engine was capable of.

Of course, we also asked the most important question, “Does it have four-wheel drive?” You know, just in case Mother Nature decides she wants to dump seven feet of snow on Buffalo again, am I going to be able to go to the store for my Froot Loops or am I not going to make it out of my driveway? Paul let us know, they have four-wheel drive.

We kept looking and even got as far as test-driving a few. We explained to Paul that we didn’t want to rush into anything. We were still going to be going to another dealer the next day. Paul responded, “Let’s see if I can save you the trip,” as he winked.

Bet you can’t guess what happens next. Paul saved us that trip. He went to bat for us and got us the best deal he could. I was ecstatic that soon enough, I would be the owner of a brand new car.

The excitement wore off as we began paperwork, simply because you have to sign your name about five hundred times in the process. As I was signing and dating each paper, Paul would explain what I was signing off on. The process went on for what seemed to be hours.

We finally finished up paperwork and Paul asked us when we would like to pick them up, we told him we would be back the next day.

We headed home and began to tell everyone about our new purchases. The excitement was building back up. I had a hard time sleeping Friday night because of it. Then, it was Saturday morning and we headed back to West Herr.

We sat in the chairs at Paul’s desk to fill out even more paper work, and then Paul said he would be right back. He returned with the keys to each of our vehicles and told us they were out front, go check them out. He didn’t have to tell me twice.

I headed out to see it, I unlocked the door and the new car scent smacked me right in the nose. I sat down inside it for the first time as “the owner,” and I had to contain my excitement. I had to keep it cool, you know, make it look like I wasn’t a rookie. I turned it on and just sat there and stared at it.

I continued to sit in it for a few minutes and then returned inside to fill out even more paper work. At this point it seemed as if I was no longer legibly writing, I was just scribbling. We finally finished the paper work and Paul said we were good to go and at that point my dad hopped in his truck and I hopped in mine, a small photo shoot took place and then we were on our way.

After being so excited to finally have it, I almost didn’t want to drive it off the lot; I was nervous, it was brand new, I didn’t want anyone or anything to ruin it. But, I pulled it together and drove off, the proud owner of a new Jeep. My first major purchase of my adult life, I couldn’t be any more satisfied.

Now, I inspect it at every chance I get, take pictures of it, breathe in that new car smell and show it off at every chance I get. You don’t realize how much a car means to you until you have one that you worked your butt off to be able to obtain.

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