Assuming responsibility while young proves useful

Andrew David Kuczkowski, Reporter

Parents are meant to nurture and take care of their children, but when does their assistance hurt rather than help?

In college, we are supposed to be independent, strong and ready to move on to the real world. When parents are doing the FAFSA for students and paying every bill they have, it makes it easier on them, but what have they missed out on?

I am on the other end of the stick and I don’t want pity nor different treatment, just understanding. I take buses to get to work, pay my phone bills and do/pay for all my schooling necessities.

I learned a lot, like the difference between unsubsidized (which accrues interest while we are in school) and subsidized loans that some other students may not know and I learned how stressful it is to take a bus with complete strangers who sometimes ask for stuff like “kush,” money and food.

The neglectful part is that students are ignoring the importance of their future obligations to paying those loans and learning the responsibilities that an independent college student would learn. It is literally a credit check and a few clicks to accept these parent plus loans of six thousand or more. When we started college at around age 18 for most, some knew exactly what they were going to do, but most were clueless to what their future entailed. These loans are under our names; it’s something we pay for in the future!

As I have observed students that don’t pay for or work for the small things, they do not cherish the freedoms they have. With that extra time, one should have hours more to both relax and do academic works. I would thoroughly enjoy an additional two hours just to do more onto this piece alone. If you’re misusing the extra time you are given, then you’re ungrateful for something that others would appreciate.

In a sense, you can say it is jealousy. Of course, everyone would love for more assistance and more money, and that includes me. Same reasoning why I say I hate the Yankees. It has to be a relaxing feeling, but with everything you don’t do, you didn’t learn from it.

As the rapper Chiddy Bang said, “’cause the real world’s kind of like real world.” Sooner or later, we all become independent and do everything our own. Not all students are pampered and ignorant as it may seem like I am saying. Parents do try to assist their student-child to be the best they can be, but maybe it’s the best for them to learn.

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