Alumnus Evelyn Lieberman visits, speaks to students

Mike Lewis , Preseident of PRSSA

SUNY Buffalo State alumnus Evelyn Lieberman, came back to her roots, speaking about her professional experiences last Wednesday, April 1. Ms. Lieberman spoke with Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA), education students, museum studies, as well as her planned Paul Bulger lecture during her two-day stay in Buffalo.

Ms. Lieberman , ‘66, was eager to tell students about her professional experiences and offer advice. Currently the director of communications and external affairs for the Smithsonian Institute gave her many interesting stories to tell.

She told students about the time she was working for the Smithsonian during the recent allegations made against Bill Cosby, which created conflict as the Smithsonian displayed artwork borrowed from Cosby. Another story was about the “Hide and Seek” exhibit, which featured a video and pictures containing controversial images and messages.

The stories served as lessons to communication students, showing that no matter how much you plan, crises are never fully avoidable.

After answering several questions about her time at the Smithsonian, political public relations in Washington D.C., and her time as a student at Buffalo State, Ms. Lieberman was able to give her advice to soon-to-be college graduates.

One thing that stood out was her motivational advice on pursuing dreams. Being a native New Yorker, she told students that it’s not only natural to be afraid of the “real world,” she said it’s the right feeling and that fear is just a normal feeling we must overcome.