International Fiesta brings a night of diversity to Buffalo State

International Fiesta brings a night of diversity to Buffalo State

Najee Walker, Reporter

The International Student Organization (ISO) hosted their annual International Fiesta on Saturday, April 4. There was not an empty seat in the house, as members of the community as well as SUNY Buffalo State students came together to share in a night of fun.

Music, dancing and, of course, food, were promised to all who attended. The celebration  brought together people of many different cultures and nationalities. Latin American, African and Middle Eastern cultures were given the spotlight for this particular event. Both food and special live performances were delivered from those who represented these cultures, providing a wide range of diversity to the event and its participants.

Despite the fact that the event was held on the Buffalo State campus, the hall was open to all members of the local community. Parents and grandparents from the surrounding communities brought their children to the event to celebrate and enjoy food and drink with each other.

“I think it’s important for kids to learn about different cultures,” one mother said as her child sat as close to the stage as possible. The children seemed to enjoy the event as well, as many children crowded around the stage, fascinated by the acts.

Jamtex Rodriguez, who served as Saturday night’s host, provided energy and entertained the audience while they awaited the next performance. “Learning from different cultures makes us stronger,” Rodriguez said. “It really makes us come together as one.” Rodriguez said that although his English is not perfect, he was delighted to be the host for the event.

The performances seemed to delight the crowd, as many watched their friends and family members dance, sing and play instruments for the audience. The Latin American dance group received many cheers for their dance routine. Perhaps the most unique performance, however, was the Middle Eastern belly dancers, who balanced swords on their heads while keeping their choreography together.

The International Student Organization holds these events as a means of bringing different cultures together into one room. The food, music, dance, art shows and presentations provide a glimpse into the diverse cultures of the world. Rodriguez felt that the fiesta was a success and hopes to host more successful events in the future.

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