¡My lócó spríñg bréák: I wéñt tó Dóñ Téqúílá!

Sara-Lynn Ashley Stephenson, Staff Writer

Holas amigos! How was your spring break? Mine was good. My friends and I wanted to do something crazy this year. Last year we all went to Florida. It was, like, MTV Spring Break crazy. This year we wanted to do something with a little more culture and not have to drive as far. After careful deliberation, it was settled: we were going to #vivaDonTequila!


Located on the typically American Allen Street, Don Tequila is a little slice of Mexico here in the big city.


As soon as you walk through the doors, you’re immediately surrounded by Mexican culture. The walls, tables and even the chairs—it all reminded me of what Mexico is probably like. Even the bathrooms were labeled in Mexican—senior and seniorita—but I could still tell which one to use because they had the little symbols next to them!


Mexican colored scarves adorned the walls, and the waiter brought out a free order of chips and salsa before we’d even ordered drinks. Talk about V-I-P! We graciously accepted the offering even though it was MUCH too spicy. Ay, caliente!


At first I almost freaked out because they didn’t have anything Buffalo chicken, which is what I was craving. Hello, we’re in Buffalo! But then I thought, when in Rome! I ordered nachos—that’s Mexican for chips and cheese—and a strawberry margarita. Frozen, please!


Holly got a side of this melted cheese that was muy delicioso! It honestly reminded me of the Easy Cheesy Mexican Dip recipe my mom makes from the back of the Velveeta box. Seriously, so good.


My only regret is that I didn’t go on a Monday, when they serve two-for-one Dos Equis. Talk about the most interesting drink specials in the world! LOL. I’m kind of a party girl, and I like to travel, so I can definitely see myself going back some Monday night, even if I’m not on vacation.


The girls and I at the Geico office will definitely be back for more! Love you ladies! You keep me sane!

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