2015 USG Candidates

Candidates for USG President

Filipe Yanez

 This is my second week back to the school, after being away for 6 months in the army, and I have to say it, Buffalo State looks the same and I am looking to change things around. I was debating whether or not to run for this year’s elections, since I lost last year by less than 30 votes, but this did not stop me at all, I come renovated with a clear mind to do great things with the great people this school has to offer.

The army did not only thought me how to be a leader, but to be a person that lives by its values. I am here to honor the people before me and Buffalo State, to fulfill my duties as the face of my schoolmates , to have the integrity to do and fight for what I believe is right , to respect my partners and see them as equal. Never forget to be loyal to those that I represent and share the Bengal colors. To have personal courage and go through any obstacle and the most important of all, to provide selfless service, I will always put others’ needs before my own.

I was part of the USG senate last year, and I know how problems are handle from the inside, but usually they are not solve. I want this problem to change and have more people to be involve with the school they attend and are part of, to be proud of what they represent, and finish their bachelors in here, stop people from seeking for other schools after a year or two of attending Buffalo State. We students, together, can create a better name for our school.

If you want to know what else I will be doing as president of USG, stay connected! , look around, and see when we are having speeches at the Student Union. I know you can read on the newspaper, meet the person behind it.

Terron Grant

The total cost of going to Buffalo State is around 23 thousand dollars per year, and yet I do not feel as if our money is being respected. I feel as students, we settle way too much. We settle for food, we settle for entertainment, not understanding the true power of our dollar. My name is Terron Grant; I’m a sophomore and business major running for the position of USG President. I believe I am highly qualified for this position. I have been an active member of USG for about two years now. I actually won Senator of the Year in 2014. In addition, I’ve participated in numerous committees from the presidents’ inauguration committee to the Campus Safety Forum; and also I’m a college senator. I love Buffalo State but believe this school has the ability to be even better. Due to the problem with retention, my partner and I took it into our own hands to increase school pride, by creating Black Fire Clothing, an affordable clothing line tailored towards Buffalo State students, “Our mission is to breathe modern life into school spirit, with an urban flare. We want to redefine Buffalo State patriotism and make people more excited to portray it.” This is just one example to show how far I would go to better Buffalo State. Some of the things I plan to do is put pressure on Chartwells to have consistency in better tasting food especially in resident dining. Another thing I would do is have big events in the Social Hall streamed through Buffalo State TV 45 minutes into the event. This allows the clubs a chance to reach a bigger audience while still giving people an incentive to see it live. In addition, I will try to make big events in the Social Hall payable through Bengal bucks to make it more convenient to students as well as more financially beneficial to organizations. These are just a few of the events I have planned so if you vote for me I will try my best to make these ideas a reality.

Derek Jorden

My full name is Derek Jorden, also known as Jorden and I am running for United Student Government President. I am from Syracuse New York which many say is a small town but it is actually the fifth most populated city in New York. I graduated from Onondaga Community College, OCC, in May of 2014. This was one of my most amazing accomplishments. I was told by a Professor once that it’s not what you know it’s how you present it, and I then begin to take those words and apply then to my life. I feel that freshman’s come to college without any knowledge of it and what to do.

I stand for no one is left behind, that freshman’s are one of our greatest jewels we need to work so hard to protect. I support mentoring groups, starting clubs, bettering existing clubs, and anything else possible to make sure that every student that comes in the Fall walks the stage four years later. I support students taking initiative, and having a voice in their education. I am a very assertive person, and I decided to run because I believe that I can get the students voice heard. If elected I do believe to do just that, actually give the people what they need and not just want. I want the school to actually hear what the students have to say. And actually see some there wants come to action.

I have been at Buffalo State College for only two semesters now, and in that short time I have accomplished more than I thought I would do in my next two years here. I have made great connections with leaders in the college, and together I feel we can actually get work done in this school.

I am Jorden and I am running for Student President.

Candidate for USG Executive Vice President

Emily Leminger

My name is Emily Leminger, and in the fall of 2015 I will be a senior. I am studying music with a concentration in voice and minoring in leadership. I am hoping to be reelected as the Executive Vice President of the United Students Government.

During my time here at Buffalo State I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from the most talented and unique group of students one could hope for. From the dance teams, to the students in publication, I’ve had the honor to get to know many of you.

I have three years of experience with USG. As a freshman I was a Senator serving on the Campus Affairs and Government Relations Committee, Senator of the month, and the Game Room Committee Chair, during my sophomore year I was the Administrative Vice President of Academic Affairs. During that time I spent much of my time getting to know many students and their academic concerns as well as planning and executing dynamic programs in hope to add a little bit more excitement to the idea of academics.

This year, as a junior I am serving as the Executive Vice President. During my time as the EVP I have worked numerous hours to better the campus and surrounding community. I have the knowledge and experience that it takes to successfully fulfill this position. Serving another year, I will have had the experience of being the EVP and know what works and what doesn’t, to put it simply. I have the experience to run meetings, supervise members of the E-Board, recruit and interview prospective Senators and work as the liaison to the USG Business Staff; all of these are major parts of this position. Throughout the last year I truly believe I have successfully executed these tasks, among the many others that the Executive Vice President is charged with. I have done my best to fulfill not only my position, but those that I was charged with when vacant. I believe I have the organizational and time management skills, as well as the desire to help people, all things necessary for this position.

During my time here I have also served as a Compass Peer Leader, a member of the SUNY Student Assembly Executive Committee and as a student on several committees including the Inter-Collegiate Athletics Board, Chancellors and President’s Award Committee, the committee for the Search for the AVP for Enrollment Management and the Music Department Student Advisory Committee.

If elected I have many goals for this position. I am hoping to aid is changing some of the positions on the USG Executive Board in order to make them more beneficial and exciting for the student body. It is also my intention to engage more students in order to become more involved with USG beginning early in the fall semester. I hope to work more closely with USG organizations in order to help them gain membership and be as successful as possible. I hope for the organizations to be as well-known as possible in order to help the student body know what amazing things the orgs provide. My intentions also include building a better relationship between students and administration.

It is my hope that by the time I graduate every undergraduate student has gotten their monies worth from USG organizations, activities and services. If elected I promise to do my best to serve every student in every possible capacity.

I have spent the last three years in USG trying my very best to help each and every student. I have devoted hundreds of hours working at my desk, preparing for meetings or planning events with one simple purpose, to support the student body. I can truly say that I want nothing more than to serve another year here at Buffalo State. I have grown to appreciate and care deeply for this organization and the students that we serve. It would be my pleasure and honor to serve my final year as the Executive Vice President of USG for a second term. Thank you.

Candidates for USG Treasurer

 Diaisha Richards

Hello. My name is Diaisha Richards and I am seeking the office of USG Treasurer. My qualifications for this position would have to be the fact that I am currently the USG Treasurer. Before I was elected to be treasurer for the 2014-15 academic years, I knew nothing about the position but I was determined to learn. After I went through a series of trainings I was able to grasp the basics and learn more as it came around. Now that my term is coming to an end, I can honestly say I learned a lot and I do love my position. I love the fact that I deal with each organization and I feel as though I have the best personality for the position. If I were to give a survey to each organization’s treasurer they would all probably say things along the lines as: “ She was a great treasurer, she always found that common ground, she was always willing to listen and help, whenever I spoke to her I felt as though she actually cared about my issue and always suggested other alternatives to make it better,” which I did.

If I am elected for a second term, my goals for this position is to continue to simplify or modify the tasks for each organizations treasurer so that everything can be smooth, fast, and efficient. I noticed that when an organization’s treasurer made a mistake or forgot to do something, it was usually for the same reasons and if they all have the same reasons then there must be something wrong on our end, or within the instructions. Therefore, if I am elected treasurer for the 2015-16 academic year, I will continue to try and modify/simplify their tasks and continue to build on the relationships USG has with other organizations.

I should be elected to this position because no one likes to deal with someone who does not know what he or she is doing. I was the treasurer for a whole year and I have learned the ins and outs of the position. I think I am the best candidate because students find me relatable, comprisable and I always try to stay impartial. When someone loves what he or she does so much, they only push for positivity and for the betterment of the organization or any organization; and I feel as though that is what I do.

I decided to run for this position again because I feel there is always room for improvement and growth. Another reason is because I really enjoy the position. If I am elected again, I feel as though I can continue to help organizations and allow them to feel as though they can come to me or stop by my office unexpectedly for the littlest questions, without having to feel as though they are a bother.

The concerns or ideas I plan to address if I am elected are the modifications. If I can get all tasks for the organizations treasurers simplified or modified, I feel as though each organization’s treasurer will meet their deadlines and be more enthusiastic about coming to meetings and being their organizations treasurer in general.

Thank you for your consideration and have a great day!

Tyshame Reid

There are multiple reasons why I should be elected for the USG Treasurer position. My demonstration of great leadership skills makes me an excellent candidate for an executive position. I take the leadership role in many different fundraising events. One example of this might include the time when I conducted my own fundraising event in an effort to help the Buffalo Salvation Army raise money to feed hungry children in the Buffalo area. I am also a volunteer mentor for high school students. As part of my role as a mentor, I schedule biweekly phone calls with my mentees to not only see how they are doing in school, but also to relate, advise and encourage them that anything is possible. Apart from being a leader, I am person who will always speak in favor of the students’ wants and needs. Finally, I should be elected because I will abide by the USG Constitution.

I am highly qualified for the USG Treasurer position. I have background knowledge in both financial and managerial accounting, which makes me uniquely qualified for the USG Treasurer position. As a matter a fact, I am currently a teacher’s assistant (tutor) for financial accounting. Also, I was once a RHA treasurer during my freshmen year; therefore, I am able to relate to what the treasurers of student organizations may be experiencing.

If elected as the USG Treasurer, my main goal as an executive member would be to support any and all student organizations that are willing to make a change. My next goal will be to make an attempt to increase financial awareness within student organizations. Most importantly, my main goal as a USG Treasurer will be to ensure that students are being heard. Therefore, I will make it my duty to answer each and every concern that is brought to my attention to the best of ability.

I believe that it is the responsibility of the USG Treasurer to provide financial advice to the treasurers in student organizations. Therefore, I plan to address the budgeting issue that is occurring in these 46 student organizations. As a USG Treasurer, it will be my duty to encourage students to use multiple money management techniques so that they can be able to create more social, diverse, and educational programs at a lower cost.

One of the things that motivated me to apply for this position is my ability to promote leadership by encouraging others to make a change for the common good. I strongly believe that a need for improvement may sometimes be more important than our personal needs for achievements. I know that I will set a good example for other treasurers because I am a person who enjoys managing and budgeting his own funds. Each time I make a transaction, I record all the revenues and expenses that are made within a one-day period. Then, once a month I dedicate approximately 2-3 hours gathering all the transactions made within that period. Finally, I analyze all the debits and credits to figure out what percentage of total income was being spent. As an accountant, I realized that I was able to save more money because I learned the true meaning prioritization, self-discipline and commitment. These three key ingredients help make these saving goals more realistic and attainable. Therefore, I would like to share my knowledge of money management techniques with other the students in the Buffalo State community.

Candidates for USG Administrative Vice President Offices

Jamili Kelly – AVP for Academic Affairs

My name is Jamilia Kelly and I am running for the office of USG Vice President for Academic Affairs. By the end of the 2014-2015 school year, I will have been on the committee of Academic Affairs for two semesters. I have worked very closely with the current AVP for Academic Affairs. Hence, I am very familiarized with the academic clubs and organizations here on campus. Furthermore, I know what needs to be done, what needs to be continued, and what does not need to be done. As the AVP for Academic Affairs, I will make it my duty to make the academic clubs and organizations very popular on campus. Following the actions taken by my predecessor, I would like to continue programs that will incorporate the academics and appeal to our student body. I am very dedicated to ensuring that all of the academic concerns of our student body are taken care of. I am willing to create a committee that will be my ears and eyes on campus. They will report back to me about academic issues on campus. From there, I will be able to address the issues and provide solutions. I decided to run for Vice President for Academic Affairs because I personally want to promote academic excellence and see our student body reach its potential. I want to get more students involved and a part of the academic clubs and organizations. Also, I would like for students to be aware of the academic opportunities provided by Buffalo State. Once I am elected for USG Vice President for Academic Affairs, I will join the forces of my committee, professors, and faculty figure out ways in which we can increase our graduation rate. I will continue the Academic Affairs newsletter and continue to promote #Team4.0 because it is a good initiative to promote academic excellence.

Asiria Cornielle – AVP for Public Relations

I am honored to be running for this position and would like to thank the United Students Government for providing with the skills necessary to qualify for it. I have been a long-standing member of United Students Government, and have previously served on the Board of United Students Government. I currently serve as the Secretary for United Students Government. I am one of the members of the Buffalo Colony of Hermandad de Sigma Iota Alpha, Inc. And I am currently the first female Latina president of the Inter Greek Association. In my spare time I like to meet new people and be very active, as well as get involved on campus. My involvement on campus is what has led me to this position.

I have been interested in the position of Administrative Vice President of Public Relations since my freshman year. I remember sitting in the Public Relations committee and contributing ideas that I wanted to implement myself. Today I feel as if I have learned many things that would make me the ideal candidate for the position of Administrative Vice President of Public Relations.

As Administrative Vice President of Public Relations I plan on making the best use of the United Students Government media services in order to maintain contact with the student body. I also plan on providing the campus with a schedule for United Students Government Events, updating bulletin boards in a timely manner and reserving as well as setting up display cases to provide more insight to the students about what is going on our campus. I plan on working hand in hand with all United Students Government executive board members to help them promote their events and festivities to the best of my ability. If elected to this position I will do everything in my power to promote and advertise all United Students Government events. I will also reach out to all the Public relations chairs of organizations to help them improve their numbers in terms of events.

I believe that I have a large amount of experience and insight when it comes to advertisement and program planning and therefore I trust that I will be a great Public Relations Chair. Since I have been part of the student government for 3 years I have seen 4 different Administrative Vice Presidents of Public Relations. Mariya Yankova,Wilherne Benjamin, Binta Barry and the current Administrative Vice President, Steven Cornelio whom I have learned so much from. In my time on the senate I served as a Public Relations Committee member and I became well educated with the duties and responsibilities of Administrative Vice Presidents of Public Relations. I understand that with moving to the position of Administrative Vice President of Public Relations comes a lot of responsibility, but I am more than prepared to take on the duty. I understand all the accountabilities that I face if elected to this position. In my opinion, any good elected official is one that continues to listen to the opinions and sentiments of others, as well as someone who can courageously take criticism and work on themselves. I will apply myself wholeheartedly and provide the model for what an exemplary board member should be. Thank you for your consideration.

Alicea Arias – AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations

Greetings Buffalo State Students! My name is Alicea Arias. I am currently a sophomore working toward attaining a degree in Math Education 7-12 with a minor in Speech and a minor in Leadership. I am seeking to hold the office of AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations in the Unites Students Government. I should be elected for this position because I believe that I can help improve the relationships between our student organizations and USG. My effective communication skills will allow me to make such changes within both groups. Overall, my experience working with the USG Senate and E-Board has prepared me to take on this position. With my dedication to our students and drive to improve the communication lines between student organizations and USG, I believe I am perfect for this position. I decided to run for this office because I want to become the voice for our organizations, not just our students on an individual level. If elected as AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations for the 39th Legislature of the United Students Government, I would continue to commit myself to serving our students, uphold and honor this position of leadership, and strive for excellence always.

Juliana Bolaji – AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations

What qualifications do you have for this position?

–       I’ve always been an active student on SUNY Buffalo State’s campus. Joining various student organizations has given me a diverse view on what our campus has to offer. Specifically, I’ve been a part of the Pan-African Students Organization, the NIA Mentoring Program, the Residence Hall Association, and the Collegiate Science and Technology Entrance Program. Relevantly, I’ve been a member of the United Students Government since my freshman year. I started out as a senator and I am currently the AVP for Academic Affairs. Aside from my experience in this area, I am very sociable and approachable, which is needed for the position of AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations. This position requires an organized non-bias individual who can work effectively with others. This position also requires someone who is great with multi-tasking and preferably a face that the students of Buffalo State are familiar with. I have worked very hard to establish myself as a student, peer, and leader throughout campus. I believe that my work ethic alongside my friendly personality will be a great asset to this position.

If elected, what are your goals for this position?

–       If elected, my main goal is to create a better relationship between USG and its organizations. Having been on both sides of the wall, I’ve heard the dismay with USG from the student organizations and I’ve also seen the frustrations that come with giving the student body what they’re requesting. I aspire to create a consistent speedy way of communicating with the organizations. I will do the best I can to accommodate the desires of the students.

Why should you be elected to this position?

–       Aside from being qualified, I should be elected to this position because I’ll bring a smiling face to the organization as a whole. My uplifting personality along with my determination to make the students happy will go a long way. Each year, I’ve stepped it up by taking on a new challenge in USG and this is the new journey I’m looking to embark on.

Why did you decide to run for this position?

–       Being a part of USG for the past two years, I decided to run for this position because I want to try something different that gives me the chance to work with more diverse groups of people. As a senator, I really only worked with my fellow senators and the USG e-board. As AVP for Academics, I’ve worked with senators, the USG e-board, a few administrators, and the e-boards of the academic organizations on campus. If given the opportunity to be the AVP for Campus Affairs and Government Relations, I hope to work with the e-boards of all the USG organizations along with non-funded organizations on campus who would like to build a relationship with USG. I would also like to network with more faculty and staff who are making great contributions to our Buffalo State community.

What concerns and/or ideas do you plan to address if elected?

–       I want to encourage diverse collaborations. There are a lot of small organizations on Buffalo State’s campus who do not get as much recognition as the popular ones and I would like to shed light on their addition to our campus. The integration of smaller and bigger organizations will highlight their contributions and hopefully encourage people to join their organizations. In regards to planning, events will successfully promote each organization as well as engage the students. It will create a connection between all of the organizations, uniting the campus entirely.

Note: There are no candidates for AVP for Student Life

Candidates for USG Senate (listed in the order they will appear on the ballot)


Emily Leminger


Jamili Kelly

My name is Jamilia Kelly and I am sophomore here at Buffalo State College. I am majoring in Criminal Justice and hoping to minor in Forensic Anthropology. I am from Brooklyn, New York and my ethnic background is Jamaican, Cuban, and Chinese. Here at Buffalo State, our United Students Government is dedicated to providing activities, representation, and services for our student body. Although I am used to giving some form of aid to others, throughout my daily life, USG will give me opportunity to use my skills and gain more experience, when servicing people. The United Students Government Service Group is the incorporated form of USG that also interests me. This Service Group handles the budgeting and distribution of the student activity fee. The Service Group ensures that the student activity fee is disbursed in the best interests of our student body. The standing committees of USG is another aspect of this organization that ensures the best services are offered to our student body. With committees that are specifically focused on Academic Affairs; the Budget; Campus Affairs & Government Relations; etc., shows that USG is very dedicated to being active in the college experience of our fellow peers. In closing, the environment that is created by USG is very welcoming, helpful, and active. Being optimistic, confident, and with my great interpersonal skills I am perfect for the position of Senator.


Asiria Cornielle

My name is Asiria Cornielle and I am currently majoring in Journalism with minors in leadership, Creative Studies and Spanish. After going through the Lawful duties that refer to the Senator position I feel that I am the best suited for the position. I currently hold positions such as Senator of the United Students Government, the vice-president position of my Greek lettered organization and Inter Greek Association President. Within these positions I am expected to maintain my work organized, remain responsible, and always on track. I represent a lot within our student body and I do it well-ordered which is a crucial duty of a Senator. The experiences I have faced in the past have helped me realize that I belong in the position of Senator. I believe that my involvement as senator these past few years and my ability to advocate for the rights of the students will help me to effectively carry out the duties of Senator. I think I am highly qualified and I have been a part of the United Students Government for some time now so I know the basis of USG, which is to stick together and create something beyond us that makes the students on this campus feel comfortable and happy. I am more than prepared to take on the responsibilities of senator. Thank you.

Alicea Arias

Hello students of the Buffalo State community. My name is Alicea Arias and I am currently a sophomore working toward attaining a degree in Math Education 7-12 with a minor in Speech and a minor in Leadership. I am seeking the position of Senator in the Unites Students Government. I have held this position for the past two years which works to my advantage. I should be elected for this position because of my experience working with USG Senate and E-Board, my familiarity with the USG business staff but most importantly my interaction with the student body. I decided to run for this position because I want to continue to be a voice for our students here in this institution. If elected as Senator for the 39th Legislature of the United Students Government, I would continue to commit myself to serving our students, uphold and honor this position of leadership, and strive for excellence always.

Briana Alford

 Diaisha Richards

 Geremia Astacio

 Terron Grant

 Tremaine Wright

What qualifications do you have for this position?

  • I am a go-getter
  • I have completed many volunteer opportunities
  • Understanding and connection to the students at buffalo state

If elected what are your goals for this position?

  • To assist the students at buffalo state
  • To achieve a profitable leadership role for my fellow students
  • To allow campus life for students to become more enjoyable

Why should you be elected to this position?

  • So I can obtain the tools necessary to help my peers

Why did you decide to run for this position?

  • I was informed by one on my student mentors
  • The position seemed to best fit my personality

What concerns and / or ideas do you plan to address if elected?

  • On campus activities
  • Student programs both academic and recreational
  • Student Dining / Residence life

Chanel Djirakor

My name is Chanel Djirakor and I am currently seeking the position of a USG Senator for the 2015-2016 year. I believe to be qualified for this position because I am currently a USG senator therefore I am familiar with the qualifications of a Senator and I do my part as a Senator in order to help keep USG going. If elected my goals are to help the executive board to the best of my ability, to help the many organizations that USG oversees, and to grow as an individual. I believe I should be elected for this position because I am a hardworking individual who enjoys working alone as well as in teams, I set goals and achieve them, I love being involved with my school, and I am a dependable person. I decided to run for this position because I am currently a USG Senator and I enjoy being able to work for a great organization such as USG and I would love to do it again. The concerns and or ideas I would have for USG if elected would definitely be to work on how to make USG better and how to make every year better than the last one.

Tahnee Marcus-White       

My name is Tahnee Marcus-White. I am a junior majoring in criminal justice with a concentration in corrections. Also I am currently apart of the United Student Government as well as college senate. I would like to be elected to senator again because I enjoy being part of USG. I have been in USG since my freshmen year and it has help me grow as a person. Because of USG, not only have I become a leader, I also became open minded, more confident and a communicator. Before USG, I did not know how to communicate well but now I do. On another note, I would like to be elected to college senate because it provides me with a better understanding on how and why administration come up with certain decisions. Again my name is Tahnee Marcus-White and I am running for USG senator as well as college senate.

Latia Ebanks

Hello Everyone, I am running to become a USG senator once again. As a current USG senator, I can bring more knowledge to the United student government as a whole. I am currently a senator in the budget committee and I have gained experiences that I can bring down to others. I am an economic and finance major so I enjoy handling money related issues. If elected for this position I will bring more of a critical thinking standpoint and a more openminded view of all things related to this organization. I have grown to love and appreciate everything this organization offers and that is why I decided to run again. I still have much more to learn. I want to know all that I can, and I want to do all that I can to better my school and everyone in it. There are still many concerns and ideas that needs to be addressed such as unrecognized organizations and better ways for the student body to diversify itself and communicate. With me a part of the United student government, I plan on turning these issues into solutions in every way I possibly can.

Oluwaseyi Christina Aina

Hello executives, legislatures, and all other members of the united student’s government. My name is Oluwaseyi Christina Aina, and I want to become a member of the college senate. As an alumni of my high school’s student government association, I feel I have experience working in student associations. I have also held leadership positions as vice president of my high schools national honors society during my senior year, hall representative of Cassety hall from fall 2014 to present, and an orientation leader. If elected my goal is to promote community service, strengthen partnership, and encourage others to reach their full potential. I should be elected to this position because I am sociable, diligent, always trying to be more active on campus, and go hard with school spirit for my college. I decided to run for college senate because the success of a congregation starts from the bottom up. The support of the little people determine the power and image of those higher. I want to strengthen the executives and legislatures by working with those in the senate. I plan to increase academic services and public service activities, improve the schools budget for events and programs, make curriculum more abundant and diverse, and convince the senate to make the standards for student admissions more welcoming toward scholars and honor students.

Andre Snowden

Hello my name is Andre Snowden and I’m interested in running for the position of Senator. My reason for running for this position is to use this platform to voice my ideas, concerns, and opinions. I would use this position not only for my own views, but for my fellow peers as well. My goal is to be a voice for other students who have a desire to see change as well as to help with student involvement. Since I have been a student at Buffalo State, I have not been as active on campus as I would have liked to be. If I was given the opportunity to fulfill this position not only would I be able to have an active voice within the community, but I will be able to partake in the construction of future projects, and events that could help prevents students from being uninvolved in campus life. The skills that qualify me as a great candidate for this positions is my organization skills, time management, vocal ability, working independently, and being a team player. I should be elected for this position because I believe I could be a great asset to the United Student Government not just as another entity, but as a figure who will stand for what is right and to help continue to build the success of student involvement.

Renae Glasgow

Hello, my name is Renae Glasgow and I’m running for the position of Senator of the United Students Government Organization. I am a sophomore here at Buffalo State College. I am a Criminal Justice major and hope to become a Creative Studies minor. My ethnic background is Guyanese and I am from Brooklyn, New York. The purpose of USG is serve and represent our student body. I have a passion for helping people and being a USG Senator will help me execute my passion. I have great interpersonal skills. I know how to communicate well with others. I can articulate my thoughts in a good way, as well as being a great listener. I work well within a team/group. Here on campus I am a Student Ambassador for the Equity and Diversity Department. As a Student Ambassador, I work with fellow ambassadors when conducting workshops, tabling, and in training programs. Once I am elected for the Senator position, I will make it my duty that all concerns of my student body are handled. I plan on growing as a person and developing my leadership skills. Developing my leadership skills will help me gain a position on the Executive Board of USG, which is my ultimate goal. I decided to run for the position of Senator because I want to be more involved on campus. Being of service to my student body, will be the greatest reward of being a part of the Senator.

Ja’dejah Ellis

I would like to run for the USG Senator position again, so that I can continue to challenge myself. Create even more opportunities for myself as well as others and continue to boost school pride. I have truly enjoyed my freshman year as being a senator and I would love for that to continue into my sophomore year.

Darien Borgella

Qualifications I have for this position is my good time management and being very flexible when it comes to tasks at hand. If elected my goals for this position is to use this platform to better network with others. I should be elected because I was a member from last semester and feel as I contribute my many ideas and thoughts. I ran again because I enjoy USG anf being a part of USG. If elected one concern I would address would be the student activity fee.

Magdala Charles

You can format your platform any way you want but it should cover all of the questions below:

What qualifications do you have for this position?

I am qualified as a Buffalo State student who is motivated and eager to strive for success.

If elected what are your goals for this position?

My goal is to relate and have interactions with students, to bring new ideas, be the voice for others and be an innovator for Buffalo State students.

Why should you be elected to this position?

I speak for positivity, seek for futuristic goals, and build excellence as a USG senator.

Why did you decide to run for this position?

To inspire, to motivate, to be engaged and most importantly to make a difference.

What concerns and / or ideas do you plan to address if elected?

  1. Residence life
  2. Meal
  3. Bengal Pause
  4. Events on campus
  5. Library hours
  6. Tutoring

Etlin Flores

I, Etlin Flores, am seeking to run for the position of Senator. I feel I am qualified for this position because I have great leadership skills. I am passionate about being a leader and giving back to my school community. I am on the e-board for Xquizit Stepperz. I am the treasurer and I am in charge of the money and budgeting for the step team. I was a student assistant for the Educational Opportunity Program. During this time, my position was to be in charge of thirty-five incoming EOP freshman and I was to help them transition to college life. Being an SA I had to do bulletin boards and attend nightly meetings on how to make the incoming students transition better. I also had to work with students who became homesick and needed one on one guidance. Being an SA I learned patience and also a taste of being an RA. I am very open to suggestions as well as I am very good at giving my opinion. I take my academics very seriously and I strive to keep my GPA in the three point range. If I were to be elected as a senator, I would put my all into making the school a better place and more fun for students. I decided to run for senator position so I can be on the student life committee and help with student activities on campus. Concerns that I have to address if I were elected as a senator are Bengal pause activities and holiday activities.

Crystal Goodwin

My name is Crystal Goodwin and I am seeking to run for the position of Senator. Providing service to others around me is the philosophy that I live by. The United Students Government provides an outlet in which I can do so. I would like to be a part of this organization because there are three key traits that a strong member of the senate should have that I believe I possess. A member of the senate should be able to empathize. This characteristic makes the individual seem more personable and allows for the student body to feel comfortable in approaching any member of the senate. This trait is also conducive to better decision-making. A member of the senate should be unbiased. This may be the most important attribute. A decision should not be made on personal beliefs, feelings, or thoughts but based on facts. Many organizations are tarnished based on people being unable to separate the two. This instills the integrity of the United Students Government. Lastly, a member of the senate should be disciplined. They should be able to handle the responsibilities that are given to them in a professional manner. A senator should be focused and tactful, disciplined and hardworking in every aspect of the senate. Although I have three key traits that I find important to the senate, they are not the only trait I feel a Senator should possess. The United Students Government should have well-balanced individuals apart of their organization and I feel that I have worked hard to be that person. If allowed the opportunity to be a part of the senate, I would like to establish a series of programs that will provide Buffalo State students resources that they do not take advantage of and market them so that are more aware of them. There are many resources that Buffalo State College provides but students never capitalized on them due to lack of awareness. I also have many Student Life programs and events that I would like to implement. If extended a position on the senate, I would work harder than I ever had to make Buffalo State a better campus. I am confident that I would succeed on the senate because I have had the opportunity to be on the senate for two years and have learned from those experiences. I have also taken on another leadership role as president of my hall council within the Residence Hall Association. I have learned leadership tactics from classes that I have taken, roles that I have assumed, and many programs that I have had the opportunity to be a part of. I look to make a difference on the Buffalo State College campus and hope to have the experience to work with United Students Government once again.

Akiah Hollington

I am seeking to fulfill the position of United Student Government Senator. I previously served as a senator during my freshman year and thoroughly enjoyed the different opportunities and experiences this position offered – I am now a junior. During my time as a student at Buffalo State College, I have joined a number of organizations and attended a number of events put on by USG. This has helped me get acquainted with my peers and understand their wants and needs. This has also helped me to understand what the students appreciate about the Buffalo State College Campus. Knowing this will help me fulfill the position of senator to my greatest potential.

If elected, I would like to help USG put on more events and programs for the student body. I often hear students questioning USG’s presence on campus and I would like to help these students see that USG is very much involved with the students. In addition, as a senator, I plan on joining the food service committee. Through this committee, I plan on voice all of my concerns as well as some concerns that were expressed to me by my fellow peers. In the end, I would like to show students that USG is a very personable organization that is willing to listen to their voices and get things done.

I decided to run for this position because I believe it will help me get the most out of my college experience. For a long time I was only focused on working to save money and passing classes but I have realized that there is so much more to being a college student. In addition to getting excellent grades, it is important to create connections and gain experience. Becoming a senator on USG will allow me to accomplish both of these.

Lara Macdonald

My name is Lara Macdonald, and I would like to be re-elected as a senator for United Student Government at Buffalo State College. I have been on U.S.G. for two years now and have loved every minute of it. I have worked with the Campus Affairs and Government Relations committee both years and leaned about the different organizations and community activities that are part of Buffalo State College. I believe a goal that we must continue to work towards is to create a better community between the organizations and U.S.G. This can be approached a thousand ways, but I believe that through collaborations on events and diversifying events, that the organizations will better unite and work together.

Ana Medina-Gomez

Hi everyone! My name is Ana Medina-Gomez, I’m a sophomore here at buffalo state and I’m currently running for the senator position in USG. I’ve always been passionate about speaking my mind, but it’s always been more so through my writing and thoughts rather than through my lips. Besides challenging myself to speak my mind and the other great mind of others in school, I also decided to join because I see how great USG is in trying to fight for our concerns and give us what it is that we ask for, and sometimes even don’t ask for. That’s definitely something great to be a part of, a group that does great things through selflessness. I’ve always been a behind the scenes kind of girl, making sure things run smoothly, pitching ideas to people on how to make things work better, I also got elected for class representative in high school, that’s probably why I would say I’m well equipped for the position. What would I bring to the table? Besides my own thoughts, opinions and ideas, I would also bring forth the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of my fellow classmates. Trying to get as much realistic things done that can benefit us as a whole is important; not only because we give our money to be here, but because everyone wants to have the most enjoyable school experience as possible. And you know what they say, “you can’t make everyone happy”, but even if the rest of the potential USG members and I help give or vote for an idea that’s beneficial to most (if not everyone), then we’ve done our job, we’ve helped the school, students and that says a lot… that’s a powerful thing.

Getting into a little more about myself; I’m really big on things like beauty- both inside and out, feeling and looking your best and female empowerment. If elected, I’d love to bring programs to the school that relate to self-esteem, self-pride, mental health, as well as programs where everyone can come together and celebrate women. I’m also big on food!, so I would really help to try to bring forth ideas and concerns to the cafeteria, along with the input of my classmates, through surveys and such to help make the food more enjoyable for everyone. As you can already see, I have a few goals if I get elected as a senator. I also want to make the programs and ideas that come to life through USG, as student chosen as possible. Meaning, the programs are things that people want, which helps because people come out to the event or program and also, at the same time, money is spent on the right things and not being sadly wasted. Everyone wants their money worth! It would be so exciting to be a part of the USG team and help get the ball rolling on a lot of things.

So there it is folks, a breakdown of my mindset for the USG Senator. Hope you vote for me!

Monique Maxwell

I believe that I can bring forth new, fresh ideas and work well with others. I plan to be the voice of as many of the student population by getting feedback and improvements that I can bring forward. I want to become more involved than I was prior and be a great asset of this organizations. I believe I should be elected as senator, because I carry myself well, can learn a lot from those around me and teach new things as well. I decided to run because I was a senator during my freshman year and really enjoyed it. As for my second year of college, I would like to be able to speak more on other things that I may not have experienced as a freshman, I want to continue to grow with the United Students Government. I want to address the concerns of those around me who decide or may not have the time to be a part of USG.

Nicolette Telfer

A person you can depend on, that is willing to hear all the voices and all concerns of students, a person that would put there all into anything just to ensure happiness with the students within the school and lastly a person that is not afraid to handle a responsibility is the type of person that is needed when serving on the USG board and I Nicolette Telfer am ready to step into that position once again. I feel like I should be elected to this position because I have shown leadership skills throughout my life.   During my high school years I never missed a chance to reach for a challenge. An example of this is the choice that I made to choose a course of study that required taking advanced and clinical classes, and then joining organizations affiliated with those classes, which eventually led to me becoming a secretary. Another great example is me being part of the Spring Fest committee, although I was told that there was a lot of hard work that was need to be done, I remained dedicated on the committee and worked to the best of my ability. I was always on time and showed up to every meeting giving my honest opinions. If elected I plan to reach out to the student body, and hear about any complaints they may have, and bring it to the table during meetings. I would let them know that their voices and concerns matter. I would be forthcoming with my ideas and suggestions in making improvements with in school and student body. The qualifications I have that would help me throughout this position, is that I am very patient, and communicate great with people, responsible, enthusiastic and work extremely well with a team. I decided to run for this position, because I like the idea that students within the Buffalo State community know that they can come to me about any opinions or concerns they have. Ideas I plan to address if I am elected is helping student’s voices be heard and validated, as well as helping clubs to run smoothly and enjoy growth. Too many feel there is no way to make their voices heard in such a way to bring about changed. As a member of USG I will make it my job to create more opportunities for students to get involved in the decision making processes that govern and dictate the quality of life they enjoy on this campus.   If become a member of the Senate body, I will put

Iddris Abass

Iddris abass is my name and I’m running for the position of a senator in the United Students’ Government. I’m a business administration sophomore, and currently finishing out my first term on the 38th legislature. I have in the past served on executive boards of organizations in my high school; I served as President for the two organizations I was a part of and also as student representative on the Student Representative Council. I also improved on my leadership and team work skills during my tenure on the USG senate which begun, last semester, I have learned a lot and I still am learning more. I bring a lot of experience, dedication and drive to the table and I believe if I am given the mandate I will help champion the course of the United Students’ Government. I believe in the use of democrat system of rule which is practiced by the USG and with the mechanism the issues that are faced by the buffalo state community are solved in an orderly manner. I believe in helping people and making things easier and this is the right environment and setting for it. Of the many concerns of campus one that I plan on getting to work on is the issue of no ATM’s outside of the student union which closes after some hours, a good place for an extra ATM will library area which student have 24 hour access to the study quad and get easily use the machine when they are in dire need of cash. I hope my qualifications and drive are enough to merit the votes of the buffalo state community and I would not let you down if given this mandate.

Tiera Daughtry

Currently I am serving as a senator of USG, I am on the Student Life committee and would like to continue my position next year for my senior year at Buffalo State. I am able to come up with fun cool ideas and events that cater to all types of campus residents and commuters. I enjoy working with the rest of my committee to make a better place for the students. I am very organized and work well with others. If elected, my goals as a senator is to continue to please the student body. To make everyone feel like Buffalo State is truly their home away from home. I know at times students can become homesick, so my job would be to help plan exciting ideas that might remind them of home or to take their mind off of being homesick. And as for the commuters my goal is to help them become more involved on campus. I know a lot of commuters that say they feel out of the loop because they’re not residents. I should be elected this position, because I am familiar and comfortable with how USG work. I like interacting with different individuals and it helps me stay connected to the campus. It helps me come out my shell. I decided to run for this position, because like stated above, it helps me stay connected to campus, I like creating events for students to enjoy, and I meet cool new people that creates a lifelong bond. Besides helping commuters become more involved with campus activities and events, I will like to address the campus food concerns a lot of students have and the concerns students have with the escort van and the 206 Wegmans bus. Thank you in advance for this opportunity, I really enjoy being a part of USG.

Jazmyn Tyree

My name is Jazmyn Tyree and I am looking to be one of Buffalo State’s next USG senators. A junior here, I have seen a lot of what Buff State has to offer and I see what kind of potential we as an institution have. I hope that, along with the other members of USG, I can help the university reach the potential most of us see this school has; to make this a place that we all enjoy. As an open-minded individual and great listener, I feel as if I’d be able to communicate the feelings of the student body most effectively. As a senator for USG, I will do my absolute best to make a difference and to be a resource for USG and the Buff State student body.

Samelle Tyson

I feel that my qualifications for to return as Senator is that I have grown so far during this semester just by being on the inside. I feel that being a Senator has made my leadership skills / speaking up for myself stronger. My goals for returning as a senator will always be to speak for the students, so that they can be heard. I decided to run for this position because I am enjoying it a lot this semester and will hopefully love to return next year. My concerns I have for next year would be to actually realize some of the events or certain things happens because of the United Student Government and to stop putting us down because of USG there are a lot of more benefits fro the students on and off campus as well. I am very independent and very loyal to the position of becoming a senator once again. And I hope that I also can have the privilege of being apart of United Sates Government.

Crystal Tomlinson

My name is Crystal Tomlinson, I am seeking to be a senator in the United Students Government under the Campus Affairs committee. I have a semester and half full of experience, working with senators and all AVPs. I am very hardworking, determined and ready to serve. If elected I plan on helping run events on campus. I also plan on being an essential help for incoming freshmen, and future organizations on campus. I should be elected not only for my prior experience but for my eagerness towards being involved on campus.

Yohanna Guerro

To the students of Buffalo State College my name is Yohanna Guerrero, but most people call me JoJo. I am currently a sophomore at Buffalo State working on a dual degree in Fashion and Communications and hopefully by the end of this semester I will be adding a minor in Computer Information Systems to my plate. I have had the pleasure or being a Senator and sitting in the budgeting committee for the United Students Government for the end of Fall 14 and Spring 15. This position has helped me grow as a person which is something that is very important to me, while math and I do not get along being on the budget committee has shown me that numbers are not that bad. I loved being involved and know why things are the way they are being a Senator has given the opportunity to not only have a voice for myself but be the voice for my friends who have opinions and concerns about what is going on at Buffalo State. I would love to continue to be a senator and continue to grow as a person and have a say about what happens at Buffalo State.

Nakeem Cook

The qualifications I have for senator position is leadership, respect, positive attitude, and a great work effort.

If elected my goals would be to assist in any aspect needed my help in also to expand the future of Buffalo state.

I should be elected for this position because… I am a student who overcame so much. I learn how to have pride, dignity and not to be shy all the times. I feel me having this position as of now will build my self-esteem more and help me better myself as a young man.

I decided to run for this position because, I wanted to help with the ideas and thoughts about my school. Also I wanted to voice my opinion and be understood within the student body.

My ideas if elected would be to make thing more available to students and making the food better by the days.

Undergraduate Candidates for Non-USG Campus Offices

Candidates for College Senate

Emily Leminger

Diaisha Richards

Derek Jorden

Nicholas M. Irion

Tremaine Wright

Chanel Djirakor

My name is Chanel Djirakor and I am seeking for College Senate for the 2015-2016 academic year. I believe I qualify for this position because I am a hard working, self-motivated, intelligent, and driven person. If elected, my goals for this position would be to assist the President as much as I can and to also bring as much information and ideas as possible to the Senate. I believe I should be elected for this position because I have a lot of ideas that I would like to bring to the College Senate and I will do my best to achieve them if elected. I decided to run for this position because I have never been part of the College Senate and I am opened to new experiences. The concerns I plan to address if elected will be the food here at Buffalo State and the water.

Tahnee Marcus-White

Oluwaseyi Christina Aina

Candidates for College Council

Nicholas M. Irion

Emily Leminger

Candidates for Grant Allocation Committee

Chanel Djirakor

My name is Chanel Djirakor and I am seeking a position in the Grant Allocation Committee. I believe I am qualified for this position because I am a driven, hard working, and I am able to apply myself to unfamiliar situations. I should be elected to this position because I have never been in the Grant Allocation Committee and I think I would be a good add to the committee because I can be able to bring new ideas to the committee. I will also be able to help achieve the committee goals. I decided to run for this position because I want to be a part of something different. Before I leave Buffalo State I want to be as involved in this college as much as I can to make Buffalo State better. I am also a Business major and I believe being in the Grant Allocation Committee can give me a glimpse of how I can apply myself to what I am studying in the real world.

Candidates for Inter-Collegiate Athletics Board

Filipe Yanez

Student Assembly Delegates

Emily Leminger