Fifty Shades of Grey: Giving off impressions of emotional abuse

Amanda Gonzalez, Reporter

Fifty Shades of Grey has finally hit theaters, and it has caused uproar. People are concerned about the effects this movie is having on young adults. Since the release of the movie, there have been incidents involving young men and their approach towards women.


The controlling behavior of Christian Grey is not healthy. Many women have become enamored with his character, the rich and successful man, but fail to realize that he has controlling characteristics.


Anastasia Steele, the woman who Grey has his eyes on, lets his dominant characteristics take control over how she acts. She then becomes scared of the way he acts towards her, so she changes her demeanor. These are all signs of emotional abuse.


Emotional abuse, otherwise known as psychological abuse, is not as criminalized in mainstream media as physical abuse because of the lack of violence. However, it is just as bad.


Steele’s actions show a woman who fears her significant other. Those who have seen the film are prone to believing that the actions of Steele and Grey are acceptable, when in reality they are not. Men addressing women with a controlling nature should not be permitted. Fifty Shades of Grey is a movie involving fictional characters, and it should be treated as such. If people take this movie seriously and begin to emulate the characters, they will head down a dangerous path.