Students reinstate Model European Union and United Nations clubs

Lindsay Frazier, Reporter

A group of SUNY Buffalo State students have come together to reinstate the SUNY Model European Union and Model United Nations club after it was disbanded in 2009, according to Laurie Buonanno, professor and director of public administration at Buffalo State. After operating under the Student Political Society since 2007 and being removed in 2009, students have decided to reinstate the group as an official USG club.

The club is an adaptation of the popular Model United Nations, but in this particular program, it simulates policymaking at the ministerial and head of government levels in the European Union.

“(You are taught) about the European Union, you get to play a person,” said Louis Guillermo, an international relations student at Buffalo State.

Currently, the club has only a few members and are in need of more. Graduate students are also welcome, as there are many opportunities for advancement in positions throughout the program.

“International relations majors interested in learning about politics and international affairs, European Union is a plus in this field,” said Bruna Reis, a current member of the club.

There are also opportunities for journalism majors, including the SUNY MEU Press Corps. The Press Corps reports on the program through various media including newspapers and video prior to and during events.

Program member Chris Garozzo described his experience at a convention with the program in Brussels, Belgium as “Europe (being) not much different than the U.S., aside from politics.”

Trips include delegating with other schools, tours around different countries and visiting the European Union Parliament Building.

Meetings for the club are held every Tuesday during Bengal Pause from 12:15 to 1:15 p.m. Contact Laurie Buonanno through email at [email protected] for more information.


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