Drink, craft ideas for your Halloween party this year

Schondra Aytch, Reporter

With Halloween right around the corner, students, clubs and organizations are hosting various events to celebrate the season. Festive ideas and spooky themes are popular around this time of the year. With that said, many people may not be satisfied with the common seasonal treats like candy corn, apple cider and candy apples. Some may want something special and different for Halloween.

Krista Constantino is the Guest Services Manager for the Campus House at SUNY Buffalo State. Campus House is a “teaching laboratory and social club” for the Buffalo State community. Costantino shared a seasonal drink recipe called “Bloody Brains.” This cocktail drink includes lime juice, vodka, Bailey’s cream and cherry juice. The lime juice and vodka is shaken and chilled. Then, the Bailey’s cream is added through a straw by little drops. When dropped in the glass, the Bailey’s cream curdles, creating the image of brains. Constantino admitted that it is a “tedious job.” The cherry juice serves as the “blood.”

Constantino also teaches hospitality majors through hands on learning.

“It’s very labor intensive,” said Leanne Prati, senior hospitality major at Buffalo State. She also works in The Campus House along with other students to receive first-hand experience on the job. The Campus House is an exclusive place for faculty, alumni, staff and retired professors to network and host events.  Although there are no Halloween events this year at Campus House, Constantino did mention in the past that the “Bloody Brains” has been a signature fall drink.

The Rotaract Club is a community-driven organization where selling cinnamon-roasted chickpeas and pumpkin seeds as fall festive treats and as a healthy alternative in honor of Food Day.

Food Day is a national holiday that promotes awareness for healthy eating and exposes the truth about processed foods. It is held annually on Oct. 24. Jenna Lynn and Melissa Rosenburg, members of the Rotaract Club, also shared other events they are hosting during this seasonal time.

“For the month of October, we are collecting socks for people in need,” Rosenburg said. That event is called “Socktober” and they also plan to sell Halloween-themed baked goods.

Other than snacks, crafting can also get you in the Halloween spirit. A glow-in-the dark pumpkin is easy to make. All you will need is a plastic pumpkin and neon paint. Take the neon paint and pour it in the pumpkin, then follow with other desired colors. After you are finished, turn off the lights and you’ll see your final product.

This offers a conversation-starter at any party and it is a fun craft to do with your friends. Another easy idea is “creepy-crawler” candleholders. For this Pinterest-inspired craft idea, you will need small pumpkins (real or plastic), pipe cleaners and tea lights. Carve the stem out into a circle to place the tea light in the center. Then take the pipe cleaners and create the legs. To attach, you can hot glue the pipe cleaners to the side of the pumpkin, and voila.