Snapchat needs a plumber its photos are leaking

Eric Bomysoad, Associate Online Editor

Almost 15 years into the 21st century, and look at how far we have come … 99% of people ages 18-29 have a cell phone, 82% are smartphones. People are constantly connecting via social media, updating their many followers about what they had for breakfast, or the classic “traffic, am I right?” This is harmless fun that we as a society have turned into a lifestyle.

But as more and more people get connected, the bar is slowly being lowered. People are constantly sending inappropriate pictures to one another, and then are shocked at the breach of privacy when their friends show off those pictures to others. But where is the line?

Earlier in October, more than 200,000 pictures that were stored on a third-party site linked to Snapchat were hacked and leaked all over the internet. The best part is that now these people are appalled at the breach of privacy.

But hey, here’s an idea, why not stop sending naked pictures of yourself and expecting them not to get leaked? The carelessness of people, especially teenagers, and Internet use has just gotten out of hand. Even, dare I say, pathetic?

I believe that with the vast amount of technology we have, people would be more inclined to be smart about what they post on the Internet and send to friends or even a significant other. Are we really that naive to believe that everything just disappears after you send it, post it or do anything with it on the internet? Things like that don’t vanish, they get lost in the vast space we refer to as the Internet and are saved for a rainy day for all eyes to see.

What did people do with themselves before the Internet was a thing? Before everyone had smart devices and social media and a booming amount of technology.

Chances are people weren’t going to Target with a roll of 35mm film filled with naked photos for that special someone. How embarrassing will it be for these teenagers a few years down the road when they are trying to get hired somewhere. An awkward conversation to have with a boss when they ask, “hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?”

A piece of advice: instead of being shocked when your underwear pictures end up on the internet for everyone to see, how about just not doing it? If everyone would think to himself or herself, “hey is this something I would like my grandmother to see?” before sending any photos, or putting something judgmental and opinionated on the Internet, chances are things like this wouldn’t be happening. Realize that the next time you go to send that special intimate photo to someone, they might not be the only one seeing it.

Call me old fashioned, or just old, but I don’t get the point. If you want someone to see you without clothes on, keep it off your camera. Unless you want the world to see, because chances are, the world will.


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