How to say “I’m sorry”

Abdullah Rashed, Reporter

Every now and then, friends face conflict. Apologizing can be a good way to show respect toward your friends. Taking time out to think about a problem that exists between you and a friend may allow you solve the issue quietly and make the right decision. You do not need to tell anyone about the matter. Just take it easy and think about it.

People who apologize should not feel weak because that might be the first step to a greater relationship. Here are three significant ways that can help you to apologize to your friend:

  •  The first way to apologize to a friend can be by writing a letter and sending it with a sentimental present. Gifts can be meaningful and can probably assist you in mending the relationship with your friend.  For example, buy a blank card and write a short apology on it; avoid repeating the conflict between both of you. Then you can use a little box to present the letter and the present. You can send the box to your friend’s address or give it to them in person.
  •  The second way that you can apologize to a friend, if you are too nervous to have a face-to-face conversation, is by leaving them a voicemail. In this case, you have to know the time that your friend is busy and cannot answer the phone. It might be the time when he or she goes to bed. Almost everything works in this situation, but you have to think of the words that you would like to say ahead of time. Acknowledge your mistakes and try to see your friend’s points of view.
  •  The third way is to apologize to your friend by making an apology playlist or mixtape with music that is related to the conflict you two are having. If you know how to produce a playlist or mix tape by using a mixer program, it might be even more appreciated. After that, you can send whatever you create to your friend by email or uploading it onto a flash drive and asking another friend to give it to him or her.

Apologizing is expressing regret for something that one has done wrong, so do not feel shame when you tell your friend you’re sorry. Giving a present, leaving a voicemail or making a playlist can help you begin to build an important relationship again. Choose the way that you like the most and have a happy life with your friend.

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