Week of events leads up to presidents inauguration

Week of events leads up to presidents inauguration

Najee Walker, Reporter

Bright orange banners and posters have been popping up around campus and lining the Student Union to inform passersby of the inauguration of SUNY Buffalo State’s new president, Katherine Conway-Turner.

However, it is not only the inauguration that people are looking forward to. This week, students, staff and faculty can experience a set of events featuring the soon-to-be-inaugurated president.

Months ago, Katherine Conway-Turner was one of a few candidates being considered for the position. It was in July that she was finally chosen to be Buffalo State’s next president. Conway-Turner has been a part of Buffalo State for about two months.

The inaugural events began on Tuesday, Oct. 14, with a Student Union Bash during Bengal Pause. As with all the other events that will happen during this week leading up to the inauguration, Conway-Turner was present.

The events will continue every day until Tuesday, Oct. 21, the day of the inauguration. One of the events include a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the newly designed Houston Gym on Friday, Oct. 17.

Conway-Turner is described as being a lifelong humanitarian, who believes heavily in civil engagement and community service. Another event held on Saturday, Oct. 18, will be a chance to work alongside her by doing community service. The event is called “A Day in the Life of Service.” Students, faculty and staff will all be able to participate, as long as they have registered. They will be able to choose their activity, such as tending to flower beds or reading to children.

The theme of the inaugural events, “Reaching for the Stars: Engagement, Excellence, and Social Responsibility” is said to represent a few things.

“In her mind, the theme reflects three things,” said Susanne Bair, vice president of institutional advancement. “The importance of engaging personally with students and the greater Western New York community, the importance of striving to for excellence in all that we do and the value of working under a guiding principle of social responsibility in order to leave the world a better place.”

The impression given by the staff and faculty is that Conway-Turner is more than capable for the position she was chosen for. Bair described her as being an energetic and positive leader who recognizes what Buffalo State has to offer and looks toward the future of the college as well.

Some students’ impressions are not too far off from Bair’s.

Talia Rosmarin, a junior art major and transfer student from Onondaga Community College, said that during her transfer orientation, she got to hear Conway-Turner speak. She felt that Conway-Turner was very put-together, and was definitely “leadership” material.

“I am glad we have a person with a good head on their shoulders,” Rosmarin said.

There are some students, however, who look for more than leadership. Tyler Friburg, a senior psychology major, hopes that there will be some interesting new changes with Conway-Turner in position, especially in regards to commuter students.

Still, many at Buffalo State are happy to have her.

“We are extremely excited to inaugurate Dr. Conway-Turner as our ninth president,” Bair said. “In just two short months, she already has shown such leadership at Buffalo State. She understands the importance of engaging with students. She understands why we keep our class sizes small and our faculty available to students.”

To Bair, other faculty and staff and students, Conway-Turner is a great addition to the Western New York and Buffalo State community.

Conway-Turner’s inauguration will be held on Tuesday, Oct. 21, in the Performing Arts Center at Rockwell Hall at 12:15p.m., with a reception following the event in the Campbell Student Union Social Hall.

For more information on any of the events, visit http://president.buffalostate.edu/inauguration-week-events.

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