Student see opportunities in campus involvement

Lauren Cifra, Reporter


As a student, you might think that campus involvement is a waste of prime homework and relaxation time. Why join a club when you can finish watching your favorite series on Netflix, right?

Wrong. In college, we are often faced with few experiential opportunities, which often equates to a less impressive resume. Fortunately, there are ways to make the best use of your time here at SUNY Buffalo State.

Coming to this campus as a freshman, I had no idea of the vast amount of clubs that Buffalo State had to offer. The United Students Government alone recognizes over 60 clubs ranging from the Astronomy Club to the Public Relations Student Society of America, a national organization with a chapter here at Buffalo State. Not to mention sports teams, fraternities, sororities and other clubs not affiliated with USG.

With so many choices at a student’s disposal, one of these is bound to ignite intrigue.

Why not take advantage of an easy opportunity and chance to bulk up that resume?

Bob Williams, a Buffalo State graduate, now the vice president of communication for the National Collegiate Athletic Association came to campus and gave a speech titled “Challenges and Opportunities for College Sports Communicators.”

He explained that when scrutinizing an applicant’s resume, a student with a 4.0 and no experience is a less likely candidate than a student with a variation of hands-on college experience and a lower than 4.0 grade point average. This sentiment, however, is not an invitation to perform poorly in your classes!

Hesitant to join anything besides my sorority my freshman year, I jumped at the opportunity to join an on-campus club the second semester of my sophomore year and then again when I was a senior. Why I was ever hesitant, I will never have a justifiable reason for. In my experience, doors have opened along with overwhelming feelings of unadulterated respect from my peers, mentors and professors.

Joining the Public Relations Student Society of America as a sophomore has provided me with the opportunity to set myself apart. It helped me to obtain two different internships. I joined as a member, eventually became the treasurer and in my final semester at Buffalo State, I took on the role of president. In order to be straightforward, I have to explain that this is not a stunt to promote an organization that I am indeed very proud of. I am drawing from my personal experience as a way to animate intrigue in those unsure of how to get their foot in the door. The first step is effortless; simply show up at a meeting.

Ask yourself, where do I draw my interests from? Would I like to set myself apart as a student leader or provide input as a general member? Scrolling through all of the organizations listed on the USG website will provide you with a synopsis of what this campus has to offer. In the end, it will make your decision-making process just a little easier.

From my understanding, most organizations do not require you to attend the first meeting, especially if you were not aware of it to begin with. If this has been a reason holding you back, redirect your efforts and attend the next scheduled meeting. It can be as easy as sending an email to let someone know you are interested in joining.

Campus involvement is not overrated! It is never too late to join, and it is never too early either! Getting a jump-start on your career path will never impede your efforts on the path to graduation; it will only benefit your journey.

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