Buffalo State students weigh in on best date ideas in the area

Omon Ejemai, Reporter

With the warm summer weather fading out, in comes the chilly fall air, paired with crispy reddish-brown leaves falling to the ground. The season of fall is known for a number of things: pumpkins, leaves and cuffing season.

“Cuffing season is the time of the year when you don’t want to be lonely. It’s when you want a girl around to lay up with,” junior communication studies major Errol Evans said. In lieu of this non-traditional “holiday,” Several SUNY Buffalo State students gave their input on what they felt was the perfect idea of a fall date and here are their responses.

Our first male perspective said he would prefer to stay at home than be exposed to Buffalo’s crazy weather.

“I’m a pretty simple guy so the perfect fall date to me is just chilling indoors away from the cold weather, watching movies on Netflix most likely ending it with a sleepover. We wake up and make breakfast together,” Evans said. “It’s more about enjoying each other’s company and physical presence.”

First up from the female’s point of view, junior public relations major and hospitality minor Emily Holmes gives the whole breakdown.

“Fall is my favorite time of year,” Holmes said. My perfect fall date would definitely involve the outdoors, especially when the sun is up with a nice cool temperature. I would love to take a ride out to Ellicotville, going up to HoliMont Ski Resort and take a chairlift ride up the mountain to experience the beautiful Western New York scenery.

“For dinner, we can eat at one of the local bar and grilles. When we get home we can watch scary movies — and cuddle and make out.”

Freshman education major Morgan Lord said she has actually never been on a date before so this would be her perfect first date for fall.

“We would go to a pumpkin patch or apple picking, definitely have to do a corn maze somewhere. A haunted house would be perfect — I’ve never been and I really want to go. After all that, we would just go out for some Thai food.”

“I’m the type of guy who likes to have fun with his dates,” junior engineering major David Archer said. “If I’m going to take a girl out, I’d take her dancing. Not just to a ratchet Buffalo club or bar but real dancing where we can actually watch each other have fun.”

“I don’t cuff for a season, I cuff for a reason, if you’ve already been dating before cuffing season came around, there are things you don’t have to worry about,” senior biology major Michael Faturoti said.

These fall date ideas are ones that seem to fit all types of couple criteria. It is refreshing to see what other options are out there rather than just doing the same old thing. If you are a new couple going out together for the first time, keep these options in mind for you and your date.

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