Student Entrepreneur Reaches New Heights To Achieve An Empire Of Dreams.

Schondra Aytch , Writer

How would you feel if you became homeless, lost your job, got your car stolen and lost a family member, all at the same time? Distraught, hopeless, maybe distressed? Not for student Alonzo “Zolo” Gordon, the creator and CEO of Empire of Dreams, formerly known as Loyal and Royal Entertainment. Gordon, a 22-year-old senior here at SUNY Buffalo State has endured many obstacles in life while trying to achieve his dream and he hasn’t given up yet.

“I have a story to tell,” Gordon said. “I got my head up and continue to build my company.”

Though he has struggled in his pursuit, nothing is stopping him. With a major in business management and a minor in hospitality, Gordon aspires to become one of the biggest moguls in the entertainment industry. Photography, modeling and music are a few of the careers under his company. His brand, Empire Of Dreams, has expanded to create a broad audience and an even broader community of people to work with.

Now with a promoter, Tyshawn Levy, and a recording artist, Tony “ROC steady” Brown, Gordon is focused and has been very busy in promoting his company. He released an album called “The Perfect Package” and toured over the summer. His tour, titled “Remember My Name” stopped in New York City, Rochester, South Carolina and Pennsylvania and he has not hit the brakes yet.  His many new projects include a liquor line called, “9 Dreams,” a book titled “Mindset of a Young Entreprenuer,” an EP named “Laws Of Liberty” and a second tour all being released this winter. Gordon strives to tap into every talent he can.

“I’m trying to be the biggest and most successful businessman and ambassador of my generation,” Gordon said.

Gordon recently received a management contract with Brendan Carter, a former employee of Warner Music and RCA Records, after a Facebook chat with himself, Carter and Gary Coles. Coles is the artists and repertoire manager for “Rich Dollaz,”a rapper who was on the cast of Love & Hip Hop: New York. Carter, who now owns his own management label, called “Xclusive Management Group” has made a 2-year-deal with Gordon.

Gordon is also under the mentorship of Gwendolyn Perkins. Perkins owns “GPS,” a company that prepares clients for success. It is located in Buffalo and specializes in life transitions and life coaching.

“I work closely with GPS to collaborate for a structure of guidance to put me on a path that I am trying to pursue,” Gordon said.

Though he has broadened his horizons, Gordon is still very active and prevalent on campus and in the community. He is a DJ for Buffalo State’s radio station 91.3 WBNY and local station 93.7 WBLK.  He also works with the broadcast network here at Buffalo State, and he participates in the Best Buddies program, a non-profit organization that gives a “Buddy” to a student who has a disability.

Gordon DJs, raps and sings locally. He wants to be the best, and what keeps him pushing are his “competitors,” who also happen to be his idols. Steve Jobs and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs are considered a few of the biggest businessmen of all time, and they have been influential in Gordon’s life.

“I want to be bigger than Diddy. He hits every realm, and I am trying to outdo him,” he said.

With all the members under his new company active, and his ruthless dedication toward a goal, Gordon truly believes in his Empire Of Dreams.