Rugby rolls Hobart, 85-5

Freshman Tim Kaiser helped the Bengals improve its record to 3-0.

Photo courtesy of Rob Jenkinson

Freshman Tim Kaiser helped the Bengals improve its record to 3-0.

Patrick Koster, Reporter

The Buffalo State men’s rugby team cruised past Hobart College this weekend to bring their record to 3-0 for the season.

The final score was 85-5 with Chris DiCenzo, Edem Wade, and Ethan Walsh all scoring two tries each.

“Overall, it was just a fun game,” senior captain Christian Feickert said.

Saturday’s game allowed many players to stand out, including newcomer Alex Vranic, who scored a try in the 69th minute. Coach Michael Forpahl said Vranic and Feickert both played great.

“Edem Wade at center had awesome crashes, and just helped keep possession of the ball,” Forpahl said.

The team felt confident going into the game against Hobart, but they didn’t want to underestimate their opponent.

“We knew Hobart always travels light,” captain Justin Brisky said. “We still had to come out prepared, but our main focus is getting our whole team better, just all around. We work game-to-game, but the big picture is the whole season. We still got stuff to work on both sides. Our defense did make big improvements today and from the past weeks. We’re doing so good on defense that it was hard for them to keep the ball.”

Hobart’s only try came in the 45th minute. The Bengals had already racked up 57 points by the time Hobart had scored.

“We felt confident,” Forpahl said. “The score doesn’t define [it], these guys played well and they had a good game. Our guys just came out and played well.”

Buffalo State’s next opponent is Cortland. The team expects Cortland to come ready to play, and players and coaches believe it will be a tough game.

“Cortland will be a true test,” Forpahl said. “We’ve seen them recently, and they’re big and strong.”

“They’re going to be the real deal. This [Hobart] game is really just kind of a warm up game for that. This is the first time I’m ever going to be playing Cortland. I don’t know how good they are, but we’ll see,” Feickert said.

Men’s rugby will face Cortland at home this Sunday at 1 p.m.  Buffalo State Women’s rugby (2-1) will play its next game at R.I.T. on Saturday, following a 31-23 win over Geneseo on Saturday.

Jenkinson mentioned that both teams are always accepting new players. No experience is needed. Practices and games are held on the field next to the R-14 parking lot off of Rockwell Rd.

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