ISIS’pect we’re going back to war!

Jonny Moran, Executive Editor

Just a few short months after a majority of Americans were opposed to becoming involved in another perilous occupation of the Middle East, the mood has shifted and the message of U.S. citizens is clear: go get ‘em.

America ready for war after the terror group ISIS, a more extreme version of al Qaeda, released a propaganda video from the deserts of Iraq that revealed a revolutionary and terrifying new weapons technology that made us s— our collective pants and fire up the war machine. They call it: beheading.

ISIS has developed a means of murder that is beyond anything mankind has ever seen. Using some kind of machine that can only be likened to a sharpened blade, members of ISIS are able to completely remove a man’s head. The weapon is remarkable.

The U.S. must respond swiftly and disproportionately. If ISIS has these blade-like weapons in Iraq, how long before they show up on U.S. soil? If – God forbid – ISIS was able to sneak one of the weapons across our border, it could mean the deaths of millions of Americans (if ISIS beheaded Americans at a rate of one per minute for 3.8 years).

Those who want to downplay ISIS’s incredible display of military strength claim that this kind of “beheading” technology has been around for years. Some point to the early 90s and say, “the Simpsons already did it.” This is just untrue. O.J. Simpson, a former member of the terror group NFL, used stolen Pentagon blueprints to develop a similar blade-like weapon to kill his wife. However, it would have been impossible for Simpson to completely remove her head, which would have been way scarier. History shows that it was President Clinton’s lack of action against NFL that allowed them to grow into one of the most menacing groups in the world today, but the threat they pose to the American people is still a far cry from the one that we face by ISIS.

It’s vital that our elected leaders use this propaganda video to do exactly what it was intended to make us do: retaliate. They’re baiting us into war and we’re biting. I mean, what’s the alternative? Not overreacting to propaganda tactics from 6,000 miles away? Continuing to prevent domestic terrorism like we’ve been doing since 9/11 with our already pervasive national security?

On a serious note, it is nothing but tragic that two American journalists were beheaded by ISIS this year. Their work as journalists was heroic, and it was heroic because they accepted tremendous risk to their lives by choosing to report information from the most war-ravaged region in the world. Let’s give these men the dignity they deserve. Bullies use fear to disempower and control, but we don’t have to let them. Let’s step back and sensibly analyze the situation in the Middle East without the emotional smog ISIS has thrown in our faces with these political snuff films.

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