New “One Card” app lets students view Bengal Bucks accounts online

Sara Ali, Staff Writer

Students can now view their transaction history and their parents are able to make deposits in their Bengal Buck accounts, thanks to the new “One Card” app.

Andrew Chambers, information commons technology administrator, learned about eAccounts at a Blackboard training seminar last year.

“I knew it was the next project the ‘campus on-card’ team needed to implement,” he said.

One Card is a new creation that many students are unaware of because it is still fairly new.

“I haven’t heard anything about this, but it sounds like a really good idea,” said Samantha Baues, graduate special education 7-12 major. “I started here in 2009; a lot has changed with Blackboard and it is a nice transition to digital technology.”

Jade Costello, a public communications major who also works as a computing help assistant at the Information Commons, has experience with eAccounts.

“It is very easy to set up. I like it because I can view my balances for Bengal Bucks and dining dollars,”
she said, adding, “It is easy to add money to your account digitally and it is on your phone which is convenient.”

Costello also said that she and others who work at the help desk suggest students who have dining dollars or a meal plan use this new method.

According to Chambers, the sole administrator of the Blackboard Transact system on campus, it costs $18,000 per year to operate One Card.

Some of the key features of this new system are the ability to view current account balances and recent transactions along with transaction history and the ability to deactivate and/or freeze a lost or stolen ID card.

Chambers also said that the One Card team is working on a few other endeavors.

“The team is working on Tapingo, another mobile app that will be integrated with Blackboard Transact,” he said. “It will give students the ability to view dining location menus from their phones or computers and place orders remotely. Our students will know approximately how long it will take for their order to be ready and they will be notified via push messages, SMS or email when their order is ready for pickup.”

Chambers also said that they are working on making Bengal Bucks eligible to use at Tops supermarket.

“Neither is completely finalized yet but significant progress has been made in the last month,” he said.

Other notable people who makeup the One Card team are Tom Killian, Director of Networking and Operations; Lisa Krieger, AVP of Finance and Management; Daniel Velez, AVP of Student Success; Maryruth Glogowski, AVP of Library and Instructional Technology; Judith Basinski, AVP of Computing and Technology Services; and Manny Lezama, Director of Dining Services.

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