The best apps for students

Jonny Moran, Executive Editor

  1. Evernote – Free; iPad – If you have an iPad, install this free app and never worry about grabbing the right notebook again — all your notes can now be in one place. Apps before this have made this possible, but Evernote’s seamless tablet functionality makes this app a truly reasonable alternative to a notebook. iOSAndroid
  2. CliffsNotes – iOS – This one is self-explanatory. Lazy students have been using Cliffsnotes since 1958 to get the main points of “The Crucible” and “The Grapes of Wrath” without actually having to read the books. Now you can have access to the entire Cliffsnotes library in the palm of your hand. Cheating your way to the top has never been easier! iOS
  3. Studious – Not all great student apps are made for iOS. Studious is a great mobile agenda that reminds you about upcoming homework deadlines and test dates — it even auto-silences your phone during lectures. Android
  4. StudyBlue – Free; iOS, Android – Students find flashcards to be the most efficient way to study course material. StudyBlue is a handy flashcard app that reduces the time and waste that comes with writing on note cards. You can even download flashcards on your topic made by other students. iOS, Android
  5. EasyBib – Free; iOS, Android – There are plenty of easy-to-use bibliography generators online, but none make creating a bib this easy—just use your phone to take a photo of your book’s barcode and EasyBib does the rest of the work for you. iOSAndroid