When the sun shines, so does Buffalo’s waterfront

“The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, there’ll be sun.”

Join in and sing with me, because this beautiful song from the musical “Annie” can now be sung on campus.

After this horribly long, cold winter, Buffalonians are now celebrating coming out of hibernation. No longer do I have to wear giant winter boots and do high knees to walk through the snow piles covering my path.

Buffalo’s warming up, and as the snow melts, so do my sorrows.

A ginormous part of me feels invincible when I’m driving down Elmwood Avenue with the windows down. I turn the volume of my booty-bumpin’ beats all the way up and get a thrill seeing the local restaurant patios filled to capacity.

People are so happy to go outside now that the sun is out, and I love it.

It is also time for our summer clothes! I can whip out my sundresses. (Actually they’ve been out all year, but now I don’t have to wear tights with them). To that, I say “Holla!”

However, I don’t necessarily condone the “sun’s out, guns out” mentality. Keep it classy, Buffalo State. Bring out your bright wardrobe pieces and let’s celebrate this nice weather… dressed in a tasteful manner.

I’m also excited for some of the best parts of Buffalo to start opening up – the places that many of my fellow students sadly don’t get to see during the school year. Before you go back to your hometown, consider visiting some of what the Queen City has to offer for warm weather fun. Enjoy our much-needed nice weather, and stop calling my hometown “Ruff Buff.” We’re not always buried in snow. Look outside, there’s nothing rough about spring.

Take a trip down to the Buffalo waterfront, which sits on the eastern edge of Lake Erie. There, you will see Buffalo’s historic Erie Canal Harbor, the Buffalo & Erie County Naval & Military Museum and Erie Basin Marina.

I’ve been going to the waterfront since I was a little girl, when I would watch the Wednesday night sailboat races with my Grandpa. Ever since, it’s been one of my favorite places to visit on both happy and sad days, with both family and friends, and even to celebrate some of my biggest live events.

I didn’t go to my high school prom. Instead, I went to dinner at Templeton’s Landing on the waterfront and then walked the brick wall lining the water’s edge with my friends and my sister until the sun went down.

I’ve also celebrated a few birthdays with a trip to the waterfront. Even as recent as last week, my mom and I visited the waterfront, and though seasonal hometown favorites like The Hatch weren’t open yet to serve hotdogs, hamburgers and ice cream, it still was nice to give a wave across the water to Canada, climb the lookout tower and give a smile to the other joyous residents who were also at the marina to celebrate the start of spring.

From the Elmwood strip, to the waterfront and Delaware Park, get your sparkly walking shoes ready, because it’s warming up here in Buffalo. Let’s get out and enjoy it.


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