Seeking Arrangement: refined prostitution at its finest

“Sure I’m picky, but choosing a date for an experiment won’t be that hard.” That’s what I thought until I sorted through the messages and winks I had received on Seeking Arrangement.

Not only did the creepy messages and winks I received from unverified members turn me away from this experiment, but the expectations of the men on the website was a huge turn off.

Under the impression that the videos I watched were true and women were able to “befriend” these “benefactors,” I expected that finding a man to go on casual dates with for the exchange of money would be a simple task to conquer.

I was wrong.

I must add that I was not doing this for money; I don’t need the money that badly. However, I wanted to learn what men expect from women in the Sugar Baby — Sugar Daddy relationship.

In my opinion, Seeking Arrangement is refined prostitution at its finest. For a moment, I was naive in thinking that sex was not the traded good for money. In my defense, I read and watched few interviews of Sugar Babies claiming that sex had never occurred.

These women must have been blatantly lying, or lucky enough to stumble upon a man who truly wanted to help them pay their way through college.

Seeking Arrangement is introduced to the public as a way for women to pay their tuition by going on dates with men.

Seeking Arrangement may just be refined prostitution that can legally occur because there is no guarantee of sex happening in the SB-SD relationship, but let’s be real: No man is going to pay a woman for companionship.

Seeking Arrangement is also a dating website. A lot of profiles I viewed were of women who are not in college, but looking for a relationship.

Within the two weeks I have been a member, I have received ten messages. The latest message I received was by a man who called himself “Looking For Fun” with the subject titled “Hey Sexy.”

After viewing the profile from a different member, I learned that his expectations were for sexual intimacy to occur at some point in the relationship, adding, “I know you’re not a whore, but I’m not looking for a nun.”

Most of the messages were from unverified members. Being an unverified member means they didn’t pass a background verification check. Three of the ten men who messaged me were verified. They were also the ones who very upfront about their expectations.

Needless to say, I have not gone out on a date and I don’t know if I will at this point. The messages have freaked me out and the more articles I read debunking the claims from Sugar Babies, the more I want to run away from this idea.

I’m unsure of my next move. To continue with the experiment and go out on a date, or to delete my profile and never look back? This is a question I will ponder on within the next few days until I make my final decision.

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