Springfest 2014: students split on this year’s artist

Students around campus have mixed opinions after the announcement of the annual SUNY Buffalo State United Students Government Springfest line up was revealed last week. Rapper Tyga will headline, with rapper Pusha T and hip-hop artist Sevyn Streeter as the supporting acts.

A recurring theme in the reactions, whether negative or positive, is the idea that there seems to be a general theme of Springfest featuring rap and hip-hop artists year after year, while ignoring other genres. Many students who identify as fans of some, or even all, of the featured artists have also expressed their frustration with the genres’s repetition.

“I don’t mind who they have this year,” journalism junior Shatai Melvin said. “But they do these little surveys every year but don’t seem to listen to the results. It’s the same kind of stuff year after year.”

“If you’re having three acts and they’re all rap or hip-hop maybe you could at least throw one rock or alternative band in to try and at least draw some of the other people in,” said Casey Armstrong, a communication design senior, who described herself as a fan of rock and industrial music.

Benjamin Spilman, a communication senior from Glens Falls, NY, thinks the selection fits the school and that there is a market for those genres at an urban campus like Buffalo State.

“There’s a trend with Springfest at Buffalo State and it’s choosing that genre of music, but year after year people show up so clearly it’s working despite the people grumbling about it,” Spillman said. “There’s no Springfest show that will make everyone happy, but you can see it fits here.”

Many students without strong opinions on the artist selection were more concerned with wondering what Springfest even was.

“The publicity they do is bad and definitely needs some work,” Spillman said. “All I ever see each year is just a couple posters up around campus, but no overwhelming campaign to let everyone know what’s going on.”

Shana Campbell, a senior from New York City, said Springfest is not advertised well enough to commuters.

“It definitely does not cater to commuters, and it’s more of a thing on-campus people do for fun. A lot of commuters don’t even know about it,” she said.

Campbell said that maybe bringing in other types of acts, like alternative or indie bands, would bring in some of the people who don’t live on campus, in addition to making her more interested.

Tyga, best known for his song “Rack City,” and Pusha T are rap artists. Sevyn Streeter is an R&B artist who has collaborated with Chris Brown and written songs for him as well as Brandy, Alicia Keys and Trey Songz.

Tickets will be available soon from the USG and are exclusively available to Buffalo State students for a limited time before the general sale begins.

The event will take place on May 8 in the Sports Arena at 8 p.m.