Campus coffee locations provide variety

Wake up, throw some clothes on and grab a cup of the steaming elixir that will get you through another rough morning.  Sounds like an average morning for a college student – and in fact, a study conducted by doctors Eun J. Ha, Natalie Caine-Bish and Karen Lowry Gordon in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior concluded that 21 percent of college students consume at least seven ounces of coffee or tea once a day.  Sometimes, the only moment of ease is that first bold sip of your morning cup of Joe.  But with all the choices on campus for such a simple drink, what are the differences?

There are three main coffee stops: the Starbucks Café at the Barnes and Noble bookstore, Spot Coffee and Argo Tea Café.  All three are fundamentally the same, but each location provides a little twist to distinguish themselves from the others.  These differences are what draw in loyal customers.

So what’s your drink of choice?

Argo Tea Café

This location is new to SUNY Buffalo State.  The café opened to replace the Starbucks location in E.H. Butler Library.  While this may have upset some die-hard Starbucks fans, Argo is an overall pleasant change.  Located in the back of the library, Argo provides a cozy atmosphere surrounded by warm color tones that will make you feel right at home.  The staff is both cheerful and comical, which can help ease you into the busy day you might have ahead.  You can enjoy a medium sized coffee for $2.20 while relaxing in the vast amount of natural light that floods the area.

In addition to coffee beverages, Argo Tea Café offers chilled tea options and bubble tea to consumers.  For those who don’t know, bubble tea is a beverage that mixes a fruity tea with tapioca orbs inside the drink, adding texture. Having originated in Taiwan, the bubble tea Argo serves as the first of its kind on campus.

One of the most convenient aspects of Argo is the large wooden tables that supply electrical outputs.  Unlike other coffee stops on campus that lack a wall outlet, Argo infused them right into the tables so you can easily charge your laptop, cell phone or any other device.

Spot Coffee

Located in the upper deck of Campbell Student Union, Spot Coffee is a favorite for the early-risers on campus.  Spot opens the earliest out of all the coffee destinations on campus so for those with an 8 a.m. class, this is your place.  They offer a similar menu to Starbucks which provides fast breakfast options for those on the run.

A medium coffee will cost you $1.99 and will surely get you moving in the morning. The small location is usually flooded with customers and provides a tiny seating area.  This is understandable because most people are either on the run or sitting down the stairs in the lower level, where there’s a larger supply of seating.

“I think Spot has way better food options,” mathematics major Katie DesJardins said.  “The atmosphere is busier, but just overall better.”

One particular thing that sets Spot apart from the rest is they take care of everything.  Starbucks and Argo have cream, milk and sugar to the side leaving patrons to add their own.  On the other hand, Spot mixes everything for the customer.

“I like Spot more than Starbucks because the Starbucks here isn’t the same,” public communication student Jasmine Gonzalez said.  “Starbucks pushes you to the side to add your own stuff where Spot does it all for you.”


In contrast to many people’s beliefs, Starbucks is actually the cheapest place for a cup of coffee.  For $1.95, you can have a medium sized cup of their standard dark roast.  While the menu can be confusing with all the different beverage concoctions, it provides a wide array of coffee beverages, snacks, sandwiches and desserts.

The location is usually very busy, with people constantly coming in and out.  The staff is very welcoming and easily keeps up with the surges of caffeine-deprived customers.

“It is so convenient,” public communication student Rebecca Johnson said.  “You can just run in real quick and grab a warm bagel before your class.”

Seating is usually very accessible, with a large supply of tables.  Also, a small number of computers are present for those needing to catch up on emails or work.

Regardless of your preference, most people head to a coffee location to get their daily caffeine fix.  With our lives getting busier, it’s no wonder that there are more coffee destinations popping up on college campuses.  In an article written for the American Journal of Health Education, Robert Bickel reported that coffee consumption in college students has spiked from 26 percent of college students drinking coffee beverage daily in 2005 to 37 percent in 2007.  The number is steadily growing.  Wherever you get your cup of Joe from, sit back, relax and savor the moment, because it might be your only calming rift in a hectic day.

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