Happiness should be promoted, not dealt with

Happy people like me are an endangered species.

I’ve been a loud, excited and joyful person for a very long time. I wear all-pink ensembles and my adrenaline gets going quite easily.

However, sometimes “… people throw rocks at things that shine.”

Well said, Taylor Swift.

Last week, an authoritative girl asked me to be quieter in the lobby of one of the college’s residence hall lobbies. What a buzzkill! Sure, I’ll lower my high-pitched voice, dear fellow student of mine, but may I ask you to at least smile in return?

If I had a dime for every time I’ve been shh’d, my college loans would’ve already been paid off.

I’m used to the occasional reminder that there’s a time and place for loud vocal volume, though on the other hand, I still think every moment is right for happiness.

Recently, a close friend of mine was asked, “Colleen’s always so happy. How do you deal with it?”

How sad, we live in a world where happiness is something that has to be dealt with.

This is nothing new. I’ve had to defend the genuine nature of my bliss for a very long time.

People say “Slow down,” “Breathe” and “Be yourself.”

They also ask, “Are you always this happy?” “Do you ever get upset?”

Yes, friends. I’m human. If I ask for “no cheese please” at a restaurant and my salad arrives sprinkled with those little strips of dairy, that’s a quick frown inducer for me.

Otherwise, life is pretty fun and I think a smile can change the energy of a whole room.

I know life has its hardships, trust me. If you’d like me to explain further, let’s meet at Spot Coffee soon for a good mocha and a chat. (I promise to use my inside voice).

Naivety went out the window for me a long, long time ago. This smile may include pink lipstick on my teeth, but it’s genuine. I’ve seen enough pain, suffering, sickness and sadness in my family and personally that I’m pretty sure I know when it’s time to be sad.

Rather than trying to pop the bubble I live in, I invite you to join me. We can laugh and have fun together, using our joy to do good in the world.

I’ve always loved to talk and be around people. I’m not good at sports and I can’t help you with your math homework, but I promise you I can lift your spirits.

I hope to one day make a career of my talent, hosting my own talk show and sharing some optimism with my viewers.

Until then, cheer up people! We’re in our 20’s earning a college degree in the City of Good Neighbors. What could be better?


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