The new queen bee doesn’t lie about fashion

Pretty Little Liars, a television teen-drama, is taking over the fashion world.

The era of Gossip Girl was one of unmatched style. From Blair Waldorf’s trademark headbands and curls to Chuck Bass’s pastel suits, the GG costume designers reigned the television fashion world. That was until Pretty Little Liars was born.

In 2010, a fashion revolution started. The liars would not only have a distinct style that represented their personalities, they would be wearing outfits everyday girls could go out and buy. This is a complete 180 from the Gossip Girl cast strutting around in Dior and Chanel. The day I watch an episode where Aria was wearing a graphic tee from Urban Outfitters that I owned, I may have squealed like a ten-year-old meeting a pop star.

On Jan. 7, right on time for the winter premiere of the show, Aeropostale launched their own Pretty Little Liars collection adapting to these iconic styles. “You’re going to see more than half of these pieces on the girls, which is the coolest thing,” Mandi Line, costume designer for PLL, said in an interview with Teen Vogue.

There’s something extremely organic going on in the costume department on the Liars set. Characterization through outfits is not a new concept, but the level to which they successfully accomplish this tactic is on it’s own A game. The liars have coined their personalities and their personal style. Aria is mysterious and edgy. Hanna is bubbly and girly. Spencer is smart preppy. And Emily is savvy and sporty but still has some of that Aria edge too. That’s great about the girls’ styles- they’re interchangeable.

Pretend you’re 15 years old again. You haven’t really developed a personal style of your own yet. You know what you like but you just can’t figure out what to wear with your new polka dot blouse. You’re watching the show and boom — Hanna’s outfit is exactly what you want to wear to school tomorrow. But you also really love Spencer’s blazer. You decided to throw on your polka dot blouse, tuck it into a cute little circle skirt, borrow of your sister’s blazers, throw on a statement necklace and some flats and voilà, your personal style is born. That’s what I think this show has accomplished: giving girls realistic style-inspiration week by week.

Has Pretty Little Liars become the new Queen Bee of style? I think yes. Their reign will be one television addict fashionistas will always remember. I don’t see them stepping down from the throne any time soon.

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