Don’t wait for Cupid: attract your crush now


Bitter wind chills aren’t the only things in the air lately.  Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, leaving those in a relationship excited and us single folk scrambling to find a date. While you may have someone in mind, they might not exactly know you’re interested in them.

Why wait for Cupid’s arrow to strike?  Here are four tips to help get your crush’s attention.

Be confident in yourself because that is key. If you don’t have it, people can definitely sense that.

— Dean Goodemote

Eye Contact

With all the technology that we are wrapped up in these days, sometimes it’s easy to forget just how important eye contact can be. Passing a glance at someone can be a good way to get the ball rolling when it comes to love interests. Casual glances in your crush’s direction can show that you’re not only interested in them, but also a good way to see if they are looking at you.

Make sure your glances are direct, but look somewhat accidental because there is a big difference between a glance and staring.  After a few times of making eye contact, throw in a small smile to mix things up and show more emotion. If all goes well, you and your crush might just be talking by the end of class.

Mutual Friends

Everybody always has that one friend who can instantly make a connection with anyone. If only it was that simple for everyone.  While not everyone is that outgoing, use your friend’s personality to your advantage. Try to strike up a conversation with your crush and other classmates about an assignment, upcoming test, or class discussion.

One-on-one conversations with a crush can have a lot of pressure around them, but a group discussion can easily alleviate some of the awkwardness. Try to find some ideas, personality traits, or random facts that you and your crush have in common and focus on those. Once you feel comfortable, try to direct the conversation around the upcoming holiday.

“Kill them with kindness,” said student Rocco Strangio. “If that doesn’t work, resort to middle school tactics and pick on them a little.”

Subtlety is your friend here.  Casually see if they have any plans on Valentine’s Day and hint that you aren’t doing anything.  With a little luck, you both will end up with plans — with each other.


The first thing anyone usually notices about you is usually your appearance.  Not to sound shallow, but a good way to catch someone’s interest is by looking your best.  It may only be the second week of class, but try to change up your look a little to help make yourself more noticeable.

“Wearing something flashy or eye catching is a great way to get someone’s attention,” said student Soon Ho Sim. “A good perfume or cologne will make you even more enticing!”

You can also try changing your hair color or style, new makeup, or a new outfit to help catch your crush’s eye. Try wearing a brighter color that is hard to miss, like sapphire blues or bright reds to fit the season.  And guys, a nice pair of fitted, dark jeans and an ironed shirt don’t hurt, I promise. Looking your best not only provides more confidence, but it also makes a good first impression. Give it a try.

All In

If you have tried all of these tips and haven’t had much success, sometimes the best way to get something done is to simply go for it.  Working up the nerve to ask someone out on the first encounter takes a lot of nerve, but sometimes it can be the most effective.

Guys, work up the guts to ask someone out.  It shows both confidence in yourself and an interest in someone.  Ladies, this is the 21st century.  Why wait for the guy to ask you out when you can ask him? It can definitely be nerve-wracking, but in the end, you will be grateful that you did.

Self-proclaimed matchmaking expert Dean Goodemote shares his best piece of advice.

“Be confident in yourself because that is key,” he says. “If you don’t have it, people can definitely sense that.”

Be a good mix of funny, flirty, and outgoing. Remember, give some details about yourself but always leave them with something that will keep you on their mind.

At the end of the day, what matters is to be yourself and the rest will fall into place.  Sometimes even the strangest of quirks can be the one thing that draws someone to you. Keep your eyes and heart open and you just might find yourself with a plus one this Valentine’s Day.

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