Clubs dissatisfied with Bengal Connect

Brandon Luthur, president of the Astronomy Club, began last week’s United Students Government meeting with various concerns and complaints from his and other academic clubs at SUNY Buffalo State.

In addition to his role with the Astronomy Club, Luthur is also a member of Geology Club, National Science Teachers Association Student Chapter, and is also involved in the biology and chemistry clubs. Luther said that although he knows USG is only doing what they’re supposed to, the club members feel that the operations could run more smoothly. Their main concerns should focus on Bengal Connect, Organization Representation meetings, and the lack of praise from the heads of USG.

“If you’re not part of a club or USG, students don’t know what Bengal Connect is,” Luthur said. “We spend our time going on it, but it doesn’t really benefit us.”

Luthur and the academic organizations said they feel as though Bengal Connect is just another way for USG to watch over the clubs. As a solution, he suggested that clubs send emails instead of uploading everything to Bengal Connect.

USG President Eric Sauerzopf reassured Luthur that Bengal Connect is something that he and other members of USG are working toward making better.

To demonstrate the disconnect between clubs and USG, Luthur told a story about how a former USG representative came to a Geology club meeting and told them to “behave because USG is here.”

These allegations brought about gasps from the senators, and assurance from Sauerzopf that such actions will lead to termination.

“One of the things that I’m trying to do as a senator is improve on that image,” Steven Cornelio, a senator, said. “We’ll definitely try to show more support.”

Cornelio also mentioned that the purpose of the organization representation meetings is so that any organization members who have concerns can voice them.

As a result of Luthur’s complaints, AVP Serenity Smith brought forth a new idea that her and her committee came up with. Smith will have the organizations rewrite their own standards of excellence in addition to the ones that are proposed by USG.

“As far as responsibilities and events, I want organizations to rewrite that section for what their standards are,” Smith said. “You’re giving us what we’re expecting from you.”

Every USG organization will write their own standards of excellence and submit it to Smith for approval from her and her committee. Smith hopes that these new standards will open up the lines of communication between USG and their organizations.

During AVP Emily Leminger’s weekly report, Guitar Club was voted academic organization of the month. After some questions, Smith mentioned that starting in the spring semester, USG will start doing a general organization of the month.

For students who aren’t able to go home for Thanksgiving break, there will be a dinner on Thanksgiving Day from 1-3:30pm.

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