USG Organization meeting stresses participation on campus


Eric Bomysoad

Trivet Jarmond speaks at the USG organizational meeting Tuesday.

The second and final United Students Government organizational representative meeting of the semester was held on Nov. 5, with a heavy emphasis placed on participation among organizations on campus.

At least one member of each organization is required to attend these meetings.

During the meeting, Serenity Smith, administrative vice president for campus affairs and government relations, went over a variety of issues and solutions for the organizations. Student organizations must have a total of three events every month in order to keep their funding and be a part of USG. In order for an event to be recognized, they have to be scheduled and uploaded to Bengal Connect at least two weeks in advance. If an organization uploads an event late, they must state why it was uploaded late in the comment box on Bengal Connect.

“The business staff can’t approve (the event) if it’s not on Bengal Connect,” Smith said, stressing the importance of the website. “Bengal Connect is the only way that I can tell which organization is doing their required events. I see organizations posting their events on Instagram and Facebook, but I can’t go by that.”

Smith mentioned that Bengal Connect is a service that the students pay for, so if the organizations don’t use it, “you’re just wasting your money.”

AVP for Academic Affairs, Emily Leminger, presented an in-depth PowerPoint presentation that demonstrated how organizations could upload their events to Bengal Connect.

For organizations that are having trouble coming up with three monthly events and struggling with funds, Smith suggests that two or more clubs collaborate with each other for one big event that would count separately for all clubs involved.

“If you’re going to do something like a panel discussion, try collaborating with another organization,” Smith said.  “Put your money together, do something big.”

To make things easier, sitting at tables in the Union, also known as “table-ing,” and one general interest meeting will be considered events for the month.

As a part of the meeting, Trivet Jarmond, student welfare committee chair, brought awareness to the little known organization. The student welfare committee is made up of both students and faculty members of SUNY Buffalo State, and is part of the college senate.

Jarmond said that students should be able to voice their opinions to the student welfare committee. The committee has created dates and times for this to happen. On Feb. 3, during Bengal Pause, and Feb. 19 and 28 at 3 p.m. in the Assembly Hall, the student welfare committee will be hosting their events to hear students voice their concerns.

“We have an obligation to uplift the community around us,” Jarmond said.  “I really think we can do a better job at being a community.”

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