United University Professions rallies to negotiate better contract


Alessia Gervasi, Secretary, Writer

SUNY Buffalo State University was one of the many universities who rallied together in hopes for an improved contract for the United University Professions on Saturday May 6, 2023.

UUP represents the faculty and staff of universities across the nation. Universities from Alfred State to Fredonia, and others in between, gathered to stand together in making a change to their contract.

Chief Negotiator, who is also an associate professor of English, Brett Benjamin, of the University at Albany, spoke on behalf of the members. He brings the messages across the negotiation table in order for the state and Governor Kathy Hochul to be aware of what is needed.

Some of these messages for a better employment contract include fair wages in response to inflation and the raise in living costs, improved job security, and a health care system that is fit for both staff and patients.

“When we fight for a fair contract, we’re fighting for affordable, accessible, and quality public higher education, which means this is a fight for our students as well,” Benjamin said.

UUP can be recognized for advocating for SUNY in the budget process and helping to secure the best state budget they could for a number of years.