A Rainy Night in Buff

Cydney Ramos

I waited all day for it to thunderstorm. I’ve noticed these past couple of weeks it’s always raining but never thunder or lightning. Today felt like one of those summer rainy days where you finally get that cool breeze you’ve been waiting all season for. I checked my weather app and the little lightning icons disappeared, along with my excitement. I mean it’s still raining but it always rains. Thunder and lightning are more of an excuse to sit in my dorm room and listen to it all day. I decided now would be a good time to text you, so I didn’t have to ride this miserable evening out alone. You were at the sewing lab as expected, and suddenly I found myself sitting there next to you. You were blasting music on the speakers, but I put on my headphones; our music taste is similar, but I still believe mine is better. We both got our work done and gave each other comforting looks every few minutes. There was something about your company that led me to feel less alone, even when we weren’t speaking. Even when you’re pissed at me but don’t want to leave me so we just sit there awkwardly pretending like there’s nothing to talk about. You ask me if I want to get food after this knowing I will always say yes. We both continue to work but now the music is off and I’m bitching to you about how my sociology class has no structure. You unthread the machine and were out the door. It’s pouring so I make you get the car while I sit inside dry and protected. As I make my way out the building I watch the clouds as they begin to darken, and I see you glancing up too. We make eye contact as I plop into the passenger seat, I’ve missed you all day. I lean in to give you a kiss and an obnoxiously loud clap of thunder makes us both jump. We decide to make a detour to the city that’s covered in rain and gloom, every few minutes we drive past a homeless person holding up a deteriorated sign. You give someone your last 2 dollars and we both think to ourselves that there’s nothing really better than this. Just us together on this rainy night: and even though we were both exhausted and too broke to get the fast food we are about to eat. We’re also just thankful.