Standardized Testing Needs to Exit Stage Right

Matthew Karovski

One day, one time, one test
Should not determine a child’s future
Yet policymakers, and only policymakers, continue to mandate this one-size-fits-all system
For what purpose?
Only politicians know; not educators, the folks teaching the students
Waste of time and resources

One-size-fits-all testing punishes schools with limited financial resources
Evaluating a teacher’s ability to provide instruction based on a multiple choice test
and using biased data to make instructional decisions regarding students
Utilizing the data to make decisions about the future
truly serves no purpose
It is high time to eliminate this nonsensical standardized testing system.

One-size-fits-all testing is a system
that favors the districts with the most resources
perpetuating the idea that standardized testing no longer has purpose.
The 50-question guessing game/multiple choice test
evidently provides no window into the future,
and inaccurately separates “good” students and “not good” students.

Unfortunately, educators as well as students
continue to deal with the one-size-fits-all system.
Whether one earns a high score or a low score on a test, when considering the future,
those provided with high-quality support and resources
will experience a meaningful learning experience; something teaching to the test
cannot provide. Continuous focus on taking tests has no purpose.

Why do politicians continue to claim standardized tests serve a purpose?
To separate those with test anxiety and those without testing anxiety? It’s a game; students
who play the game correctly win; those who don’t will lose. Is this gambling or taking a test?
Just another broken system.
that must be re-evaluated and adjusted to align with the modern era. Providing key resources
is an essential step toward the future.