The Bills move to 3-1 after a 23-20 comeback victory over the Ravens


Scott Dugas

Josh Allen looks downfield for an open receiver.

Scott Dugas, Sports Writer & Photographer

BALTIMORE- On Sunday, October 2nd, the Buffalo Bills squared off against the Baltimore Ravens in week 4 of the 2022-23 regular season.

Leading up to the game, the Bills roster was questioned by many analysts due to the number of injuries that have been plaguing the Bills squad.

Only four weeks in, a handful of the Bills’ starting roster is ruled out for the game, with a few players already out for the season. That said, the Bills defense’s questionability was speculated before the game.

The last time these two teams faced each other was in the Divisional Round of the 2021 Playoffs. The Bills, led by Josh Allen, beat the Ravens in a convincing 17-3 fashion.

The Ravens had a lot to prove in this week four matchup against the Bills. Questions arose if the Ravens could rebound from their last loss against the Bills and close that chapter that ended their season earlier in the year.

The matchup started at 1:00 p.m. on a rainy afternoon in Baltimore. With Buffalo winning the coin toss, they elected to receive the ball in order to limit the amount of offensive time Lamar Jackson and the Ravens would have.

Only three plays into the game, Josh Allen tried to lob a pass to tight end Dawson Knox which was deflected and resulted in an interception.

With the Ravens starting deep in the Bills zone, Jackson shoveled a pass to running back JK Dobbins to go up 7-0 only a minute and a half into the first quarter.

The Bills would start the next drive at their own 43-yard line after a strong kick return from Isaiah McKenzie.

It was noticeable from the start that the Bills were struggling.

With the rain starting to come down heavier and heavier as the quarter went on, it was clear that the pass game the Bills are notorious for wouldn’t work immediately.

After a series of first downs, the Bills would be forced to kick a 38-yard field goal. Midway through the first, the score would be 7-3.

The Ravens would get the ball for their second drive on the 19-yard line.

Jackson and the rest of his offense would slowly move the ball down the field. While Buffalo couldn’t seem to crack the passing game, the Ravens didn’t seem to have an issue with theirs as they picked up first down after first down.

Eventually, this would lead to a first & goal where Dobbins would pick up the 4 yards and put the Ravens up 14-3.

The weather proved to be an issue for the Bills. At the end of the first half, Head Coach Sean McDermott was asked if the weather was playing into the Bills hardships to which he responded no. However, his players showed otherwise with some players taking off their gloves, switching gloves after every other play, and seemingly dropping and fumbling the football. It was clear they couldn’t handle the rain in the first half.

After another field goal by the Ravens followed by a buzzer-beater touchdown pass from Allen to McKenzie, both teams would go to the locker rooms at half with the score 20-10 Ravens.

Coming out at the half, from the first whistle it was evident that the Bills were still in this game.

After a quick three and out forcing the Ravens to punt, the Bills started to adopt a new style of play.

Devin Singletary rushes for a first down. (Scott Dugas)

Instead of 10-20-yard passes by Allen as we saw in previous games this year, the Bills ran short pass plays or running plays. With both Allen and Singletary leading the Bills run game, they were able to get a field goal early and start closing the gap.

The Ravens couldn’t seem to get anything going in the second half on offense.

With two punts and an interception in the third quarter, the Ravens left the door wide open.

Allen and the Bills scored a late third-quarter touchdown bringing the score even at 20 a piece.

Midway through the fourth quarter, the Bills would punt the ball to the Ravens. With time winding down, the Ravens inched closer and closer to the end zone.

All of Buffalo could feel the game becoming more and more out of reach. The Ravens would get the ball all the way to the Bills’ two-yard line.

On fourth and goal, Jackson was forced out of the pocket and threw up a pass to wide receiver Devin Duvernay in the back-right corner of the endzone. Jordan Poyer of the Bills would come up with a massive play for the Bills intercepting the ball from its intended receiver.

After the interception, the Bills would start with the Ball on their own 20-yard line.

With just over four minutes left in regulation, it was critical for Allen and the Bills to get the ball down the field quickly.

After an important third-down conversion by Knox, questionable play calls were followed by the Ravens’ defense.

The Bills found themselves in the redzone with two minutes remaining.

With the Ravens out of timeouts, the Bills would push the ball all the way to the Ravens’ one-yard line.

After two kneels by Allen on the one-yard line, with three seconds left, Bills placekicker Tyler Bass attempted a 21-yard field goal.

As the ball cleared the uprights, the time ticked down to zero.

The Bills won the game with a final score of 23-20.