A fine donation…

Andrew Forsyth, Sports Writer

It seems that once or twice a season there is always controversy surrounding Evander Kane.

This season was no different. When it’s all said and done, Evander Kane turns heads.

Although this time around he was surrounded by controversy for a completely different reason. In a game last Tuesday night, he and Minnesota Wild forward Ryan Hartman got into an altercation.

The two shared some not-so-kind words and a few pushes and shoves. However, it was all capped off when Ryan Hartman flipped the bird.

Hartman was hit the next day with a hefty fine of $4,250. The fine was for “unsportsmanlike conduct” towards Evander Kane.

Fast forward a bit and on Wednesday, Evander Kane’s ex-wife Anna Kane posts to her Instagram story a screenshot of a $200 Venmo donation to Ryan Hartman with the message “fine”.

Kane and his ex’s bad blood and ending have been highlighted immensely and well documented. So this isn’t necessarily a huge shocker that she would do this.

What happened from this was a sudden influx of fans all over starting to donate to Hartman for the fine on Venmo.

Hartman, who has settled into Minnesota very well and is having a career year, had this to say.

“Wow….overwhelmed by the number of donations I have received to help pay for my fine. Your fans are amazing. I will be paying for it with my own money, but wanted to let everyone know that any money sent to me by 7 pm on Friday will be donated to Children’s Minnesota,” tweeted Hartman on Thursday of last week.

As of Saturday, April 16, the donations have reached upwards of $40,000 to Children’s Minnesota.

What originated as a regular hockey story of two players in a high-intensity moment arguing became a huge donation to a group that needs it. In my opinion, from now on, fines should go to a charity of the player’s choice.

My respect goes out to not only Ryan Hartman but also the fans who donated and helped make a difference.