Opening Day – Baseball’s greatest day

Jason Guth, Sports Writer

In anticipation of the season of spring, while many yearn for warmer weather, the sight of flowers and beautiful skies with birds singing, I can only think of one thing:


While all of the above creations are beautiful in unique ways, the greatest part of spring is the crack of the bat; the sound of a screeching fastball hitting a mitt; and the umpire calling strike three.

Popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy and the crunch of a peanut shell provide heavenly tastes, smells and sounds for a baseball fan who has longed for them since the end of October.

“Buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks,” is all I can think about today. Opening Day is the greatest day on the baseball calendar.

A lifelong New York Mets fan, it’s the one day a year where I can rest assured knowing that they will likely win the ballgame.

In their 60-year history, they’ve won 39 Opening Day games – the best winning percentage in baseball – a number that includes eight of their last 10.

And no one knows better than a Met fan, it might be the only day they’re relevant all season!

Humor aside, it truly is a day where every team feels that they can win their division, win the pennant and win the World Series.

Baseball is unique in that a team – like the Atlanta Braves a season ago – can be an afterthought in June, and win the World Series in October. On the contrary, a team that starts the season 13-2 may only win 68 games all year (I’m looking at you, 2019 Seattle Mariners).

We just never know.

Opening Day represents eagerness, hope and optimism all at once. America’s pastime, fittingly, provides us one of the greatest days of the year.

So, here’s to you, Opening Day. I cherish you now more than ever after the recent lockout threatened your sanctity.

I can’t wait to watch the day unfold.