An overdue makeover for Buckham B-wing


Angela Caico

The uninspired welcome to Buckham Hall B-wing.

Angela Caico, Secretary

The Buckham Beautification Committee is currently seeking proposals and photo submissions for B-wing’s highly anticipated facelift!

What do you want to see when you walk through the corridors of the communication department?

Pictures of you or your classmates engaging in media-production-related activities?

Posters or banners showcasing the endless possibilities in the field of communications?

Information about student media organizations, or perhaps artwork depicting images of cameras, newspapers, or famous pioneers of media?

Currently, Buffalo State students are greeted with a lackluster display of plaques, some dating back decades.

The faces of past Buffalo State Communication Hall of Fame inductees, many now retired or deceased. The first order of business, according to Professor Dorthea Braemer, is to rehome them.

“Rather than have it here, where it means nothing to students,” Journalism Professor Joseph Marren said, pointing to glass cases containing the plaques, “put it in the office suite where it’s still visible, and people can still come and see themselves.”

Instead, the cases will eventually contain posters educating students on what communications major might be the best fit for them based on their individual interests.

To the left of the plaques is a bulletin board plastered with outdated flyers and internship opportunities unrelated to communications.

Further down the hall we see unimpressive black-and-white images of a stack of newspapers and a typewriter, more bulletin boards with outdated flyers and stretches of blank, grey wall space.

The reorganized bulletin boards will feature current advertisements for campus events and activities relevant to communication students, media organization information and updates and communications internship opportunities.

In place of the black-and-white images, there will be collages of student’s photojournalism works and pictures of students participating in media-production projects.

On the opposite side of the wall is the presumed faculty-exclusive section of the department.

According to said faculty, this was not the intended use of this portion of the wing. The entire B-wing was designed for the leisurely use of both students and staff.

The mini-lounge areas with couches and chairs will be revamped to appear more inviting to students.

Hopefully, these can become welcoming spaces where students can congregate between classes to do homework, socialize or interact with their professors.

“That was the whole idea of having the labs be kind of open with couches out there, even though they’re uncomfortable couches,” Marren said, “to get people to kind of gather.”

The renovation will begin immediately, but ongoing design suggestions and photo submissions for the B-wing walls are highly encouraged! Please send these submissions to Professor Braemer at [email protected].