Buffalo State gives back


Carly Lawson, Staff Writer

Since 1871, Buffalo State College has always been known for its dedication, belief and commitment to its students. These qualities were showcased during last week’s Buffalo State Gives Day.

The event took place at the Campbell Student Union on March 16 and allowed participants to inform students about what services are offered and how investments in the departments are beneficial to Buffalo State students.

Various organizations were displayed during the event; two of these being Modern and Classical Languages as well as Miligan’s Food Pantry.

Jill Norvilitis, the Interim Chair of Modern and Classical Languages, discussed how the donations from the event would be used to assist future language interpreters.

The money raised from the event will be used to “defray” the costs of students participating in the Spanish Court Interpreting Certificate program.

Norvilitis further explains how the department invests in their students by attending fundraising events, such as Buffalo State Gives Day, in order to support students and encourage them to come and talk about the certificate programs available through Modern and Classical Languages.

“We want students to be able to do this practicum, to get this experience in the field, and not feel the burden of having this money kinda weighing on them,” Norvilitis said, “This money helps get them direct new jobs.”

This dedication to investing in Buffalo State Students is also displayed by Milligan’s Food Pantry as well.

Kristen Helling, the student resource coordinator at the Dean of Students Office, also gave her thoughts on the importance of the event while representing Miligan’s.

“We have served over 100 students in the fall semester, prior to the pandemic, we were serving up to 300 students each semester,” Helling said, “So the student food insecurity needs are quite high.”

Helling goes further into detail describing how Milligan’s has been supporting students at Buffalo State for over 20 years, even starting out with 10 different locations across campus, despite previous administration’s indications that all of SUNY campuses wouldn’t have food pantries.

“We hope to engage as many students as possible,” Helling says, “If they don’t know about Milligan’s, we want to let them know that Milligan’s is here for them and to serve them and to raise a little funds so we can keep it rocking and rolling for them.”

With an energetic atmosphere, cookies on display and representatives present at each booth, the event surely represented the Bengal spirit!

But regardless of the decorative decorum in the student union lobby, one thing is certain: Buffalo State has a plethora of useful resources for students to use and by supporting them. In turn, we are supporting ourselves and our peers.