Buffalo State vice president addresses COVID-19 related student suspensions

Andrew DiMartino, Elijah Robinson, Cait Malilay

Andrew DiMartino, Photographer, Writer

The Record got a chance to sit down with the Vice President of Buffalo State, Dr. Timothy Gordon, to discuss some questions and concerns raised by students regarding the campus’ COVID-19 testing and vaccination requirements.

The main purpose of the interview was to clear up some of the confusion surrounding a batch of emails sent out to students incorrectly placing them under interim suspension for failure to comply with campus COVID-19 policies.

Many students who received these messages reported that they had followed all of the requirements, both receiving a COVID-19 test on campus during the first two weeks of the semester as well as receiving a booster shot before or during the same time frame.

Gordon helped clarify some important information regarding the COVID-19 policies on campus, including how SUNY policies impact Buffalo State administrative decisions.

Gordon strongly suggests that any students with further questions should reach out to the Student Affairs office at Buffalo State which you can reach at (716) 878-4704 or at [email protected].

Students can also contact the Dean of Students office at [email protected].