McDermott, Beane, Daboll and Schoen- One big, happy family

Daniel May, Sports Editor

Sean McDermott is one of the many successful coaches that has emerged from the Andy Reid coaching tree.

However, it now seems that McDermott is growing a tree of his own. After three very successful seasons in Buffalo, McDermott recently lost two key personnel from his staff.

Hired last month, Brian Daboll, the former Offensive Coordinator of the Bills, was hired to fill the vacant head coaching job in New York.

This move followed a string of puzzling comments about Daboll’s relationship with Sean McDermott. Daboll explained that he was unhappy with his situation in Buffalo because McDermott was breathing down his neck about running the ball.

This comment came as a surprise to many Bills fans because as we know, our strength isn’t in running, but in passing. It appears as this comment not only confused Daboll but frustrated him to the point of him leaving.

After being asked about his time in Buffalo at the NFL combine, Daboll pledged that he currently has no problems with Sean McDermott. They are on great terms.

In fact, Daboll went farther with his answer than most expected. He made sure to thank McDermott for his time in Buffalo and all he taught him.

His decision to leave Buffalo had nothing to do with his disagreement with McDermott, but rather about “an opportunity to become an NFL head coach.”

Becoming an NFL head coach is something that Daboll has been working towards for 25 years.

It would take a mad man to turn down a head coaching position. Well, either a madman or Josh McDaniels for the past six years.

Buffalo’s open bleed didn’t stop with losing Daboll, however. He poached none other than Joe Schoen, Buffalo’s Assistant General Manager, as the new General Manager of the New York Giants.

Once again, this move had nothing to do with a bad relationship between Schoen and Brandon Beane, the current general manager of the Buffalo Bills, but it was rather about an opportunity to advance your own career.

When it was Schoen’s turn to talk at the podium, he thanked Buffalo for the years of experience it provided him.

After seeing these gentlemen talk, it is obvious that there is no bad blood between them.

In fact, all four of them were spotted talking in a large group after their interviews.

Yes, they may have had disagreements at times, but that is bound to happen in the workplace. Now, however, they all can’t be more grateful for the time they had together in Buffalo.